Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf Dentist?

Guess who faced her fear and went to the dentist today?

You got it. It was ME.

I hate the dentist. Actually I like my dentist, it's the getting in the chair and letting them do stuff to your teeth that I don't like. Like getting 2 cavities filled and not being able to move your top lip to actually let the suction do it's job. I mean how much anesthetic did I get??? I seriously cannot move my top lip AT ALL! The dentist was laughing at me and I was sooooo embarrassed! I looked in the mirror to see what I look like when I attempt to close my lips around something. It looks like I'm puckering up to kiss... no wonder he was laughing. So embarrassing! This left me more numb than 3 epidurals did when I delivered Alyssa! Dr. Jordan said I can eat if I want to, but I should be careful because I'm very numb and he wouldn't want me to bite my cheek or tongue.... Um, yeah not interested in food AT ALL! I did want a sip of my iced tea just now, but cannot because of the lip problem.... oh well.

So, remember when I took my kids to the dentist and Will found out he has a giant cavity? Apparently that is his claim to fame. Every time he sees someone he tells them all about it. Yesterday his friend came over to play, and in the car this is what I heard:

Will: Do you know I have a really big cavity?

Friend: No.

Will: I do. It's so big that half of my tooth is missing! You wanna know what happened? Candy sugar ATE my tooth!!!!

Friend: I never heard of that happening.

Will: Well it does.... especially sticky candy like licorice.

Friend: I didn't know that.

Will: It's true.

Friend: Well jelly rings don't eat your teeth... especially if they are covered in chocolate. The best is when two of them are stuck together. That's really good.

Will: You wanna know what's really good? My musscums (molluscum... I know, gross) Two of them POPPED! That's really good.

Friend: What's musscums?

Will: Mommy, you tell him...

Me: Um... they are like gross circle things that are like a virus and people shouldn't really talk about them.

Will: They are dots.

Friend: Oh are they blue? My mom has them....

HAHAHAHAHA........ I was dying of laughter in the front seat. Why is Will bragging about all his disgusting things? And Friend.... TMI about your mom.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. Cracking up here. First of all, "um...they are gross circle things and people shouldnt talk about them?" You seriously crack me up.

    and im really wondering about the blue dots....

    btw i am also afraid of the dentist. been once in 6 years. yep. im gross. and scared.

  2. well, I am about to post about So and Ro's latest visit to the dentist, oh that was fun.

    I am pretty sure the greatest thing the JCC gives our children after we pay em - is molloscum.
    Can we just call em SCUM.

  3. hahaha. I'm sure that mom would be happy to know her son was discussing her varicose veins. hahah.