Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Week In A Nutshell

I'm the kind of person that stays up late. I actually like to and need to stay up late. I like to have plenty of "me" time. The kids are in bed by 9:30, then I have house stuff to do... dishes, laundry... but then I get my "me" time. The house is quiet and clean and I can do whatever I want by myself. I usually write my blog at midnight or later, watch some reality t.v. or some on demand show that I missed, do some crunches.... and fold some more laundry on the nights I'm feeling very conscientious (spelling? computer says it's right, but it looks really wrong to me).

This summer is killing me! I am so exhausted at night. I've been falling asleep early every night! That means I wake up in the morning crazy early (any time between 3 and 6 AM) to a mess and still have not written my blog! That's what happened yesterday... no time to write it. It doesn't help that Alyssa isn't feeling well and I've been sleeping with her in my bed all night. Which by the way, is like not sleeping at all. Friday night, while Jon was out drinking $2000 vodka and $800 scotch with some buddies (actually was a shalom zachor, but I'm trying to get some pity here...) Alyssa had a difficult time sleeping. I finally got her back to sleep when Jon came home and woke her when getting into bed. I know it wasn't his fault... it was dark and he didn't know she was there, but still. He went to sleep in Will's bed (Will had a sleepover with Emily in her room) and I was up the whole night with Alyssa. At 5 AM I gave up on sleep. I took her outside for a walk in her stroller till she fell asleep. Then came home, put her in bed, and went for a jog/walk to work off my frustration. When I got back everyone was still asleep, so I read US Weekly on the couch and enjoyed the silence.

Anyway, enough complaining. Let me tell you what I've been up to.

I got in a fight with a random person outside of the JCC yesterday afternoon. He tried to scare me by coming right up to my car window and in my face, but apparently he didn't know who he was messing with.

I found a really cute website for camp stuff and ordered a couple things to send Jessica. They have lots of other stuff too. I highly recommend you checking it out...
I watched my little boy and my nephew skate at their hockey class. Will looked so adorable in his hockey gear! Will has these big puffy hockey pants because he was getting bruises on his butt from falling. He looked like this little tiny guy in big hockey equipment... so cute. And my nephew was wearing basketball pants and those thigh highs hockey socks. It kinda looked like he was wearing shorts and tights. They looked so good... I might have to go watch them every sunday.

Emily and her friend had a lemonade stand. They made $15.11 on a very hot sunday. Only 2 customers weren't relatives. I made some baked goods for them too... People don't stop for lemonade stands anymore I guess.

Not even for this cute face...

Will played golf in our backyard while I laid out in the hammock. I'm thinking of taking him to a driving range. That might be fun for both us.

Oh, and I finally put batteries in the robot Will got for his birthday (3 months ago). It can do over 60 things. It can pick something up and throw it, it can dance, walk in all four directions, it can burp (so glad they added that), it says ouch when it bumps into things. Pretty fun to play with....

Last night, we went out for dinner. The kids wanted ice cream for dessert. The waiter asked if they wanted one scoop or two... So glad we said one, because apparently one scoop really means three. And Will and Emily were pretty happy about that!


  1. i want to hear more about the fight with that man!!! i got into a fight with a man at the jcc before. he was big and mean and scary and swore at my kids and i yelled at him and then i cried.

  2. me too!!! was it a staff person!! did you not pull your car all the way up? cuz they take those things VERY seriously!!!

    and please tell me they did not really serve $2000 scotch at the shalom zachor...

    and i miss you! i haven't seen/spoken to you in forever!!!

  3. Can that robot clean my house and nurse a baby?

  4. Yeah, you cant just say you got into a fight w/ someone and not give us some more info. We need the dirt, baby!
    Had I known your kids had a lemonade stand, I so woulda stopped by. DK always makes fun of me cuz whenever kids in my hood have a stand, I always buy out their lemonade.
    Whered u get that robot from? Tzvi would luv that! Actually, hed probably be freaked out by the thing at first,then hed LOVE it.

    - Miss S.