Friday, June 26, 2009

My Wonderful Kids

After dinner I found spaghetti on the wall.

I just noticed that Will calls the remote... "bramote"

I just realized that my kids sometimes use words they don't know the definition for, and that's why they don't always make sense.

My SIL doesn't let her kids listen to the radio in the morning. "That's crazy," I thought, until I was in the car with Jessica and a caller on the radio said she wasn't leaving her house till she got her birthday sex. It got worse. the radio person said.. well I got my morning sex already! Thanks for sharing that with my kids. I'm starting to agree with my SIL.

There are very few things on tv that are appropriate for kids these days, and I understand why people don't want them in their house. I'm not really sure why you are allowed to say b*#ch on tv. Or how they can get away with bleeping out most of f*#k, but making sure we actually know that's what they were saying. And why every single show on television has a sex scene (or something suggestive to it). What ever happened to shows like The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Family Ties...

Don't get me wrong, Nip Tuck is one of my favs, love Real World.... but that doesn't air till 9pm. The ones I'm talking about are in the 7-8 time slot... and the commercials are even worse.

Almost every song on the radio talks about sex, or has a bad word or 2 in it, or is talking about getting high, or drinking "a a a a a alcohol"...

I guess there isn't very much I can protect my kids from these days. And truthfully, if I tell them they can't do these things, I know they will still know about it from all of their friends at school and camp.

The best thing I can do is be thankful that it's just spaghetti on the wall, and enjoy the young silliness while I can... Like when Jessica, Emily and I smooshed into Emily's bed, played silly hand games, and laid on top of each other snuggling and giggling... Because I know it will certainly not last forever.


  1. That is one handsome husband. And it's nice once again to see a picture of you. Don't worry, good parenting will produce good kids. Too bad about NipTuck.

  2. Cute pics of your kiddies. I soo miss my kids when they were so little like that. They are growing up way too fast for me.
    Don't let my kids listen to the radio either - way too much garbage.
    Me, I am all into the garbage, bring on nip tuck!!!
    - Miss. S.

  3. firstly, in the eastern time zone, prime time doesn't start until amazes me what can be shown in your time zone at 7pm!

    also? it's so true. I put songs on for the kids (vampire weekend! awesome!) and have to shut it off when he says, "who gives a F$%k about an oxford comma?" i mean, dude is singing about punctuation...he needed to use the f-bomb? hahah!

    but you are totally right. kids are growing up faster than we did...and I'd rather them learn the tough stuff from me than from kids with older siblings at school or camp or whatever. but, i still won't let them listen to lady gaga (but mostly because she's crappy)

  4. I am pretty sure those words are hidden in all Disney movies as well.