Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day With The Kiddies :)

Why is it that when one kid is out of the house the whole dynamic changes. Our house is soooo quiet without Jessica. I seriously cannot believe how different things are without her. Emily misses her a lot already. Which is actually shocking since Jessica isn't even all that nice to her. I thought she'd at least enjoy the first day with the remote to herself, no one fighting her for the bathroom mirror... but she came downstairs in the morning feeling sad that Jessica wasn't home. Will, on the other hand, keeps telling me how much he misses his cousin Max. He hasn't mentioned Jessica's absence once.

I saw pictures of Jessica on the camp website... she looks great. The weirdest thing.... while flipping through the camp pictures looking for her, I saw myself. Not really myself but there is a picture of her that looks just like me. I tried to copy it, but the website wouldn't allow it. I love that the camp takes so many pictures of the kids. It's probably annoying for them but great for us!

Anyway, sorry for being so whiny yesterday. The day actually was
n't so bad after all. I took the kids to Target in the morning to buy something to bring to my friend's backyard fun. We bought a beach ball, a bucket to fill with bubbles that had 3 wands, and the awesome pool squirters Will's been wanting for a while....

(plus 3 Scooby Doo movies and The Sandlot). I also got an awesome water bottle so I can take my Arizona Iced Tea with me everywhere I go. Also some stuff to send to Jessica.... Jon is so not liking this. I'll move on.

I went home, gave the kids lunch, walked to meet my friend at her parent's house, and watched the sky turn a dark gray, some lightning and thunder. The kids probably played outside for 15 minutes. Then we went inside and played in the basement. They had a really good time though.

When I picked up Emily from camp, she saw my awesome water bottle and wanted one too. So being the nice mother that I am, even though I didn't want to, I went back to Target!!!! Got her and Will a water bottle.

Then when we were in the car she was sad becaus
e she didn't have a reusable lunch bag like everyone else at camp. All I wanted to do was go home, but she sat there all upset. I didn't want to give in... I really didn't. But of course I did. I went to the mall, to Justice, so she can have a cute reusable lunch bag. Will got a ride on the escalator and Alyssa played with necklaces... everyone was as happy as can be.

I decided that we should go out for dinner because it was already after 5. Going out for dinner is never fun with Alyssa. Never. But she was so well behaved! It was so shocking that we decided to take a picture because we didn't think anyone would believe it. While we waited for our food (2 mini pizzas, mac and cheese, and a veggie wrap), the waiter brought us some crayons and paper. Emily and Will chatted while they colored. Alyssa sat in the chair and colored too... she did try to eat the crayon a few times though.... I guess she was hungry. Emily ate her whole pizza, Will (my child who hates eating) ate half of a piece of his mini pizza and said he was too full to eat anymore. That means he ate 1/8 of a mini pizza.... approximately the size of my thumb. Alyssa hated her mac and cheese so she ate some of Will's pizza. It was so shocking to see her just sit there nicely. Maybe she read my blog and was feeling bad about the day before.


  1. Man, ur kids mmust be used to all the picture taking, they are such posers.
    Tvzi is the exact opposite of Will, he'll eat anything and everything and alot of it.
    I have to get water bottles for my kids and I'll be getting them at Target, I like the ones u bought.
    I shoulda taken my kids out for dinner too last night, we were at Oakton pool till 7 and they came home beyond starving.
    - Miss S.

  2. Can't spell 2 day!
    Miss S