Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Losing It......

My friend just totally saved my life....

I woke up dreading today... I had the worst afternoon at the pool yesterday and did not want to relive it again today! I knew I had to, so I told Will we would go to the pool as soon as it opened and get it over with and have fun first thing in the morning! But, was practically hyperventilating at the thought of it.

Yesterday at the pool, Alyssa, was totally insane. She had just napped almost 3 hours so I thought she'd be in a great mood.... Unfortunately great mood= psycho crazy child, not afraid of anything, not even 12 feet of water, a diving board , or almost drowning. O.K. I am exaggerating a bit. But just a bit. We were in the baby pool, the pool that is only 2 feet high, and i was standing next to her the whole time, but Will called my name, I turned for one second, and when I turned back, Alyssa was totally submerged in the water (she was still holding her pool toys though). Oh My God! I grabbed her out of the water and she acted as if nothing had happened, coughed twice, but wouldn't let me hold her... Then she ran to the activity pool cuz a kid was holding the gate wide open. And would have run right into the deep end (3 1/2 feet) if I hadn't grabbed her first. Then I swam with them in that pool, because apparently she is way too old to be swimming in a baby pool, fearing for her life because water going over her head just doesn't seem to phase her. She also tried to leave the activity pool to the adult pool (12 feet), and actually climbed up the steps of the diving board. She is so fast! I kind of waited to see if she actually would try the diving board and then grabbed her when she did. She is fearless!

Soon after, Emily and Will were hungry (and it was safety break) so we went to get a snack. While the kids were eating, Alyssa had decided that she had enough, saw someone left the gate open, and dashed towards the pool through the open door. I caught her and brought her back to the table. She was screaming so loud that all the kids and adults at the snack bar were staring at me (at least 20). I just held her on my lap as she screamed for 15 minutes while everyone there stared at me like I was the worst mother in the whole world. I said to Emily and Will, who were the only ones that seemed to not hear Alyssa, that Alyssa was being impossible, that I didn't know what to do with her, and that unless Daddy could get here soon we were leaving. I saw their sad faces, and felt really bad. Then I called Jon and told him to get to the pool with swimming shorts ASAP!

It was a little easier when Jon came, and we ended up staying till 7 pm.

So, anyway, back to waking up and dreading another day at the pool.... I seriously was starting to freak out.... getting mad at Will for silly things like turning on and off the lights in the car, closing Alyssa's air vent, opening and closing the car window, sucking on his seatbelt.... actually, those are pretty valid reasons to get mad. Anyway, I called a friend to see if she would go to the pool with me, and that's when she saved me and my sanity. She invited me to her mom's for sprinklers and backyard pools and popsicles, and Will was so excited! That means I don't have to go to the pool with Alyssa until Emily comes home from camp...ugh and I can breathe again. Thanks Michal!


  1. This is not the upbeat blog I've grown accustomed to. No pictures??????? I hope things go better for you. Nice to know Jonathan made things better.

  2. I think I'd rather be chasing after a crazy, screaming kid at the pool than sitting in my office right now.
    i'm just saying.
    at least I *think* I would. hahah

  3. Anytime Rayli! Hopefully next time it won't start raining 5 minutes after we get there!

  4. I should go to the pool with you guys one day, to a) not be dying from the heat and b) to help you with your little maniac.