Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Things...

Jessica is leaving for camp today. A whole month without her... so sad. Last year when she left, I was a crying mess. This year I am not going to cry. I know how much fun she is going to have. I know she is going to be happy.... so I am happy and excited for her. But, I will definitely miss seeing that face of hers. And I know I'm going to miss having her around. She is totally hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. Like on friday night when she laid her head on my back and said she could hear my brain. I said to her, "Don't you mean my heart?" And she answered, "No. Your brain.... and you don't even know how much you think about me."

Or when she was talking to Jon about taking Will to a Blackhawk's game and said, "You better take an extra pair of pants and underwear for him for when the buzzer goes off..." Hahahahaha.

She is so much fun to be with lately! The best part about her going to camp is that the camp posts pictures of the kids on their website. So every day we get to look through a hundred pictures of our kids and our friends kids. We can send them bunk notes and of course I'll be mailing her some fun packages especially for her birthday in July!

Anyway, so last night around 8, I was taking my kids to my Bubby's house (grandmother), when I saw a guy run out of his house followed by a police officer and into his car. The guy sped away and the cop followed. Responsible me, with all 4 kids in the car, followed down the block and while waiting to make a left turn saw 3 more police cars drive by! I drove around the block so I could see what was going on, and didn't see them, so I turned on a small street giving up on the whole scene and there in my friend's driveway was the guy and 2 police men!!!!! I guess they cornered him and he turned into their driveway to get out and run cuz his car was slanted in their driveway and the door was open. They were literally right next to her car and had him in handcuffs!!!! Crazy stuff!

Also, I heard a rumor that our pool was struck by lightning! I guess it must have happened on friday during that crazy monsoon. I actually have pictures from that day. My kids and I were picking up bagels at Dunkin Donuts to bring over to a shiva house (house of mourning... the mom that died) with the lunch that I made, and it suddenly started pouring while I was in the drive thru. I opened the window to place my order and me and my car got soaked. When I got to the window to get my order and pay, neither I nor the cashier wanted to open our windows. Finally I opened mine, she opened hers and she quickly threw it at me, took my credit card, and closed her window. It was actually pretty hilarious! We got home and the streets were flooded. As I was putting the car into park it started hailing, and Jessica started freaking out, and climbed into the back of my car! It was actually kind of scary. It was hitting my windshield pretty hard. It was just an insane amount of rain!

I mean, this was 10 AM!

What else can I share with you guys? Hmmmm.....

Guess who's going to see Britney Spears in September? Me! I know everyone hates her, but I am really excited to see her... just hope it doesn't get canceled and that maybe she'll actually sing at this one!

That's all for now....

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  1. im going to the pool later today....if your pool is still broken - or whatever happens to a pool when its struck by lightning - then come to our pool....call me later

  2. real safe taking pics while driving during a mabul


  3. hahaha It was a red light!!!!