Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here we go again, Not Me Monday... Check out what everyone's doing here.

I did not go to the most fun bar mitzvah eve
r last night!
It was not at the Field Museum (the chicago museum with the famous dinosaur fossil, Sue).
It was not in that huge main hallway.
I did not spend an hour getting ready, neither did my girls.

I was not extremely self conscious cuz my hair was extremely curly
thanks to this lovely humid weather.
I was not thrilled when a few people other than my hubby complimented me.
Our friends did not make a cute video of A Night At The Museum starring themselves.
Their daughter did not say a funny speech making fun of her brother, the bar mitzvah boy.
They did not have the Chicago Bulls Drummers doing their thing.
They did not have an awesome DJ and dancers.
I did not have the best time dancing with all my friends.
It did not remind me of my clubbing days....
Emily and Jessica did not take the cutest pics in the photo booth.

Emily did not get glow in the dark fun stuff to bring home.

I did not enjoy a night away from Aly
ssa, knowing my awesome SIL and BIL were being tortured by her taking care of her. Thanks guys!
I did not drink white wine, and definitely did not wake up with a headache.


  1. Your "clubbing days"?

    Um, OK.

  2. what exactly kind of dancing was at this bar mitzvah?!??! ;)

    (also. your monday posts make my brain hurt)

  3. Ali, my monday posts make MY brain hurt... especially this one cuz I wrote it in all of 5 minutes while getting my kids ready to go out. I think I have to ditch the not me mondays even though I do like getting new readers.

    Josh, I know you like to think you are an expert on my life but there were some times you actually don't know about that I shared with a certain Miss S.
    Anyway, the party was elegant and beautiful but you know... the loud music, the dancing with the girl friends, the drinks... havn't done it since then.... maybe I just have to get out more. Actually, I definitely have to get out more.

  4. that sounds like one cool bar mitzvah!!!! what kind of food did they have?