Friday, June 19, 2009

Having Fun With Food

My kids love when their food looks pretty. Luckily, that's exactly what I love to do....

Breakfast for Alyssa:

Lunch for Jessica:

And a topless Alyssa:

Lunch for me:

Or sometimes this:

I'm kinda obsessed with veggie patties can you tell?

Easy Dessert for Shabbat:

I don't always have time to make pretty meals, but when I do, I know they are appreciated.


P.S. Um.... I found this in my fridge. My pasta must taste so good that they are saving the very last noodle to eat later.....

or a certain kid is just too lazy to throw out the container...


  1. hey! i want that cake recipe RIGHT NOW. Was it actually easy? B/c it looks like its from the bakery. Oh...maybe that's why it was easy.....

  2. I USED to have that sort of time on my hands...

  3. Not from a bakery, Shosh! Nice try though. Oh and thanks.

  4. What are the hearts made out of?