Thursday, June 18, 2009

Surprise Guest

We had a surprise guest during dinner last night....

I was annoyed that Alyssa was stressing me out while the husband was out for dinner with Anonymous surprised when the husband came home with Anonymous to my extremely messy house while I was eating dinner with the kids.

Anonymous strutted into the house showing off everything he knows about us from my blog...

"You're not annoyed that your husband hasn't been home. You're not gonna write about it on Not Me Monday..."

"Whatcha guys eating? rainbow dinner? I think I see every color on your plate..."

"Look at this dinner... aren't you gonna take a picture of it so you can blog about it?"

It went on and on... actually pretty hilarious. The husband joined in too... The only thing Anonymous didn't notice was my blushing cheeks...... because apparently he didn't know that my kids don't really know about my blog. Hahahaha... oh well. I guess they do now.

Definitely not the prettiest dinner I ever made... but everyone was happy with it...

steak for Jessica, hot dogs for Emily, chicken nuggets for Will and Alyssa...
asparagus, pumpkin muffins (actually pumpkin cake), pasta, and fresh veggies.

The husband opted for pizza and fried cauliflower... must have been the company. Yehuda, next time come to our house for dinner... it was good to see you!


  1. um..your house is a restaurant. can i come too?

  2. The other anonymous is totally jealous.

  3. stop making a menu, and just make one dinner.

  4. thing for dinner a night. what did YOU eat?