Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looks Like It's Finally Summer

I went to the dentist yesterday with Will, Alyssa, and Jessica. Apparently I have not noticed Will's terrible brushing habits because Will has a cavity so big that 1/5 of his tooth is MISSING!!!!! I guess I should look into that little mouth of his more often. Of course they couldn't fill it thanks to his crazy gag reflex. They couldn't even take an x-ray cuz when they tried to, he upchucked... just a little but still... definitely saw his breakfast. (and then almost puked myself!)

Jessica, on the other hand, was cavity free... that's right almost 11 years... not even one! The dentist put some topical gel on her gums, and she even pulled her own tooth out!

Will was smiling pretty big when he heard I had a small cavity plus the one from last year I never filled and said, " Ha ha Mommy. Now it's your turn to throw up!"

Alyssa, the complete opposite of Will in every possible way, sat in the dentist's chair brushing her teeth, flossing, playing with gauze....


Oh My God!!!!!

I took the kids to the pool. Alyssa is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot turn your back on this kid for a second! She runs straight to the pool, goes in up to her chest, tries to lay down in water so deep that her face goes under.... HELP! This is going to be a fun but difficult summer. She is totally fearless. I must admit though, it is really great to watch her play in the pool.

I think they made the swimmies extra thin this year! I can barely tell she's wearing one!

Like I said, Will and Alyssa are different in every possible way...

O.k. Bob, get ready for it....

Alyssa's famous smile....

Alyssa was really cute in the baby pool. She was using the pail as a purse and was walking around collecting toys to put in it...

The not so fun part? Safety Break. 10 minutes of every hour.

Luckily we can cage her into the snack bar...


  1. Dentist story made me want to upchuck, Poor guy. Don't like the sad pictures of Alyssa at the bottom. These pictures will be great at her wedding. Can't wait.

  2. I love the safety checks...We call it - "looking for poop" time.

  3. reason #1 why I could never be a dentist...the random people with bad gag reflexes!

  4. i was just thinking about what the heck will i do with T during safety break. she is NOT going to like it. good idea, i think i will cage her into the water playground. im sure she'll cry the whole time though. i am really nervous about the pool this summer. she throws herself in where its really deep.
    and i can totally relate to that bad feeling at the dentist. the x-rays are the WORST. thats why i dont go.