Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

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I did not make 40 chocolate covered strawberries which I then drizzled with yellow chocolate for my friend's pot luck on shabbos (saturday lunch). I did not see my husband open the fridge and accidentally sneeze on my beautiful strawberries. I did not pretend that it never happened and bring it to my friend's house and watch every single one get eaten...!

I was not sitting at the dinner table friday night with my husband and kids and a friend. Jon did not start talking about his favorite pizza place in New York, David's Famous Pizza. I did not accidentally call it David's Famous Penis. My kids and hubby did not laugh about it for 10 minutes and repeat it 7 times. And I definitely was not dying of embarrassment as they did so. hahahahaha

I did not play guitar hero with my friend's kids for 2 hours on saturday night. My friends were definitely not upstairs asleep in their bed while we played. I did not play until I could barely see straight. I did not play better than they did even though it was my first time ever playing. (YES I DID!!!) I am not totally obsessed with that game. (YES I AM!)

Yehuda, those caps were for you ;)


So I decided to take my kids fishing yesterday. My sister and her kids came with us as well as my youngest sis. Will and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy fishing rods for everyone. Who knew that it doesn't come all ready to go. The guy at the store was too busy to put all 6 together, but I watched him put the first 2 together and then did the other 4 all by myself! I was actually pretty proud of myself. Will held the bait and we went home, packed everything up, got everyone in the car and were off! Everyone was excited to catch some fish...

Here are some pictures:

I don't really have so many good pictures because I was chasing after Alyssa and it looked like she might jump in...

Just kidding. She was actually clapping her hands in this picture.
The other reason I don't have so many pictures is because I still don't have a camera and am therefore using my phone to take pics.... pretty good huh?

I took Alyssa and my nephew to see the things that pooped all over the place a family of geese.

And then just followed her as she ran everywhere... terrified that I was gonna get hooked by one of the kids... or my sisters...

Oh, and how could I forget... I touched worms! And not these kind...

Seriously, might have been the grossest thing I ever willfully did. I meant to bring plastic gloves and a plastic knife... but forgot. So I actually made the husband do it first...but then just did it myself. I am still getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it...

Well, we didn't actually catch any fish... but, we can all cast a line and we had some fun...

And I got a story to blog about ;)



  2. you said penis.....

    ( i know..i'm like 12!)

  3. i am in shock. you served something someone SNEEZED on and you put WORMS ON A HOOK?
    Who are you and what have you done with Rayli?

  4. sounds like a fun weekend!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. great post!! I love that "cheesing" pic--so cute & those little crocs...Crocs are adorable as long as they are little--grown up one's not so much! :)

  6. Loved the pictures....I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....
    Had some time to do some blog hopping...
    always enjoy finding new blogs!
    Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

  7. ummm - would u take my kids? you have an enormous amount of energy.

  8. No offense but the strawberry thing is disgusting.

    VERY not funny, just sickening.

  9. Brittany, if you come back to read this, I just want you to know that he didn't exactly sneeze on the strawberries. They were in the fridge uncovered on a shelf and he opened the fridge and sneezed. But I am a germaphobe and that's close enough to sneezing actually on it to me. Sorry if I offended you.