Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day Out With The Kiddies

I went to the Art Institute yesterday on the lovely June 11th, rainy, 52 degree day with Will, Alyssa and my SIL..... saw a little Picasso, Van Gogh, Seurat, Monet, Renoir. The SIL and I were making a scavenger hunt for Jessica and Emily. It was actually kinda fun making up clues for each painting....

It probably would have been a little more fun had there not been some pooping in the Picasso's, a crabby "let's go" every few minutes, a pretzel that went flying, an attempt to break the security ropes, gameboy advance sound effects, and the need to take the elevator instead of using the stairs.

Seriously, not using the stairs! that was the worst! And this is why... It was time to leave. My SIL already left about 10 minutes before me. I needed to leave through the Monroe Street exit on the first floor. I was in the Pritzker Gallery near the Michigan Street exit on the second floor. I walk all the way through the impressionists, through the stone idol stuff, down a long hallway, took an elevator to the first floor, then got stuck by some stairs, took an elevator to the lower level, got directed by an idiot a security guard to go "up the stairs and to my left and down a long hallway" all the while explaining I had a double stroller with 2 crabby kids and still was told "up the stairs... blah blah blah" got back in the elevator and went to the first floor, looked at all the stairs, went back into the elevator and tried the second floor, and to my surprise was back in the Pritzker Gallery!!!

It took a lot of self control to not scream out in frustration!!! I asked a woman at the information desk how to find the fucking door the exit and she said, "Oh, take the small elevator over there to the first floor and the exit will be right there." AAAAARRGGGG !!! So I got downstairs and looked outside at the pouring rain coming down from the MICHIGAN Street exit. Of course we did not have raincoats, or umbrellas, or anything that might freakin help the situation so I decided to just run for it. It was a block and a half of crazy rain falling on the only person in all of Chicago without an umbrella. When we got to the car my kids were dripping, and I was totally drenched... my hair was looking pretty gorgeous let me tell you. The makeup... like a supermodel. Will actually said that he was too wet to move and I had to pick him up out of the stroller and put him in the car. Alyssa just looked at me with that smile... you know it by now. Head to toe... sopping wet.

I pulled out of my parking spot and said, "don't worry guys we'll be home soon, and I'll put you in some warm clothes." I looked at them in my rear view mirror and they were out cold.

Ahhh, to be a kid... to be able to fall asleep in a moment's notice.....

To be the Mom with the sleeping kids... that's pretty sweet too. So I drove home... cold, wet, but without any whining.


  1. Fantastic pictures. There might be a future for you as a photographer. No pictures of the mom?

  2. I don't even OWN an umbrella.
    yup. mom of the year over here...

  3. Wow, what an end to that outing. The rain was BAD when I left. I was beginning to notice how poorly the museum was laid out for strollers/wheelchairs while we were there, but that really seals the deal. How annoying!!!! YOu should complain and maybe get a free membership.

  4. I took Art History at Stern, I looooved kids would never ever appreciate that stuff. Your brave for taking them! Sleeping kids are the bomb!
    - Miss. S.