Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Funny Things My Kids Have Said Lately...

Jessica (making a circle over her head): "Does this look like an angel donut?"
Me: "What does that mean?"
Jessica: "You know, that thing they wear over their head"
Me: "You mean a halo?"
Jessica: "yeah, whatever..."

Jessica: "The boy asked if she was hot"
Will: "Hot means sexy"
Me: "How do you know?"
Will: "A friend told me"

Will (in the car, listening to the radio): "That guy just said sexy."
Me: "Yes he did." (I changed the station)

Emily: "Mommy put mah jong on the pasta..." (instead of margarine)

Max (my nephew): "Alyssa is the best... cuz she doesn't talk"

Will (jumping on the trampoline with me, playing dodgeball): "ooh.... it hit you in the wiener"
Me: "uh Will, I don't have a wiener."
Will: giggles

Will: "When people play hockey they sometimes fall on their butt."
Me: "When you play hockey, you will probably fall on your butt."
Will: "My eyeball will fall on its butt"
Me: "Your eyeball has a butt?"
Will: "Yeah, it's its wiener."
Me: "What???"

Um, Will is 5.... I am in so much trouble with this kid.

On that note, here is some sweet, innocent, wholesome, lunchtime fun with Alyssa:

You see the yogurt all over her face. That's what my cell phone looked like after Alyssa ate a yogurt squeeze at Hungarian yesterday. Yep. I was thrilled.

there are a couple people who need to take their personal stabs comments elsewhere... let me suggest hahaha. Anonymous, I kinda liked the email comment you sent the husband better than the one you posted. You don't need to edit yourself... just put it all out there. I can take it. (it's all in good fun) Oh, and I handcuffed myself to my keyboard so that today's blog would be better than yesterdays :P


  1. I bought over 40 more yo crunches the other day, because if you r gonna give your kids yogurt, make it the yogurt with added sugar and candy toppings.

  2. Love what Max said about Alyssa not talking. That's classic. And don't worry about Will. He's just a boy. Cobi asked me this morning how the Doctor cut me open to take the baby out (he was a c-section) after I told him ever so sparingly (they gave mommy medicine so it didn't hurt, etc.) he said, "it's a good thing I'm not a girl"
    Out of the mouths of babes, as they say!

  3. ha ha ha !! literally i'm laughing so hard.

    <3, E

  4. K, if my kids know the word "sexy" , shoot me now!! There is plenty of time for "sexy" and "hot" later, much much much later!
    For G-d's sake, Z & L, still think their "V" is called a tushy.
    Man, can u imagine what their wedding night will be like??
    - Miss S.

  5. what did anonymous write to jon?