Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fight

O.k. so you guys wanna hear about my fight at the JCC?

To start things off I'll tell you what the guy looked like, cuz that was so important to the husband that he interrupted the story 4 times asking me to describe what he looked like. He was a guy in his 50s, tall, thin, wearing an ugly suit, white hair, glasses (I think).

I was looking for a place to park so I could run in and pick up Will. Of course the lot was full and so was the fire lane. so I decided to park on the side by the walkway. I pulled up facing the park and was about to back up so I wouldn't be blocking the walkway when I saw a guy in my rear view mirror walking towards my car. I decided to wait till he passed so he wouldn't think I didn't see him coming.

He walks right behind my car and as he walks past my window, he said to himself in a condescending voice loud enough for me to hear... "Why don't you just block the whole walkway?!?"

So I said, " Asshole, I am blocking it right now because I didn't want to hit you when I moved back."

A@#hole: "What did you call me?"

Me: "You heard me..."

The guy comes right up to my car window and said, "Are you Jewish? I think you should act Jewish."

Me: "Does it matter? I think all people should act nicely."

A@#hole: "Is this how you talk in front of your child?"

Me: "Well considering she doesn't really talk or understand what I'm saying, I thought it might be ok this one time."

A@#hole: "Do you wanna go in the office and have it out there?"

Me: (thinking: is this guy for real?) "You're obviously having a crappy day. Why don't you take it somewhere else."

The a@#hole walked away, I moved my car back a little, and went inside to get Will. What a jerk! And what was with the whole jewish thing? What, if I'm jewish I should just be quiet and take his little snide comment and not stand up for myself, when I was the one being considerate to begin with????

(If any of you side with the a@#hole, you're not my friend anymore....)


  1. This is great. I'm definitely on your side. When you figure it out, I would like some commentary on the Jewish thing. And I'm looking forward to having a conversation with Alyssa.

  2. HAHA! You are sort of my hero. Im always too scared to say things to obnoxious people.

  3. i wonder if it was the same guy i had a run in with a few months ago! also by the back door on sacramento. apparently i didn't stop far enough behind the line at the stop sign on fitch (before turning onto sac.) so he followed me to my parking spot and started yelling at me. it was ridiculous. i told him he should look before crossing the street anyway. he didn't like that so much and we had a little bit of an argument before i said, i need to get my child. goodbye. i think he yelled after me the entire time i was walking in. he was not normal. skinny, older guy. must be the same one.

  4. I love you and your potty mouth! awesome!

  5. OK- I've never read your blog before, but I hopped over from the MckLinky. I read through this post and was laughing out loud! I am glad that it is not just me that encounters some of the crazies out there. Thanks for the laugh and I am definitely on your side. You go girl!

  6. woah- and people think i have anger management : )
    this guy must work at touro. he has their mentality.

    Acting Jewish: when the elderly bitch at the youngerly and expect them to keep their opinions to themselves.
    aka if ur getting heated and u wanna show your real emotion, you're being a shiksa.
    ha ha ha
    i dont know if this makes sense, but it made me laugh.
    i dealt with losers like these for the past two years. homos

    love yuh. and totally cant believe u didnt tell me this story yesterday.