Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Packages

Tuesday is Jessica's 11th birthday! I wanted to send her a package that she would totally love. I put in decorations for her to decorate the area by her bed, silly string, a scrapbook kit for her and her friends, and a cute pink glitter case with everything she needs for manicures and pedicures for her and her friends, a deck of cards, a little candy, some snacks, and covered it with tissue paper and a card. I wrapped the box with wrapping paper and it looked so pretty! I was going to mail it wrapped just like I did last year, when I got a call from the hubby reminding me that it's 4th of July weekend and it might not get there in time. Oh my god. I started to get nervous. I can't miss her birthday, and this box was starting to look a little big and a little heavy to send it next day shipping.

I decided that it was time to call people and beg them to take it up to camp for me. Except it wasn't only that one box.... I also got her this big autograph pillow.... a tye dyed flip flop it's about 19 inches, and a package of cute stationary cards. They were wrapped up in tissue paper and cellophane. And, I also had a package for each of my 2 nephews (but those were in the flat rate shipping boxes... not so bad).

I know it doesn't look that big here, so I'll give you another perspective...

and one more:

I called the office and they said that there might be someone who can take it (I kinda told her just one box) and I should bring it to the camp office. I loaded the packages into my car and went back to get Alyssa and this is what I saw:

I love this child.

So, Alyssa and I went to the camp office where I was told, "I wasn't totally sure that the person could take one, so 4 might be a problem but you never know."
"But I know I can for sure take it next friday."
Great, now I can send something next week too!

I wrote a note for her to give the guy driving up saying that I am desperate for him to take it, that I would even pay him to take it so the kids can get their packages on time. I left my cell phone number on the paper, asking him to call if he couldn't take it so I can beg call someone else. I held my phone all afternoon and last night. He did not call. Yay! So hopefully they will get their packages.

I'm still gonna keep my fingers crossed...... just in case.


  1. all i have to say is, you are one cool mom!!! can you send packages to my kids when they're at sleep away camp????