Monday, July 6, 2009

Bug Bites

My husband did not listen to me when I told him to put bug spray on his one and only son before he went to a slip n slide birthday party at a friend's house. (this is NOT a not me monday... he really didn't listen.... Will has 17 mosquito bites.... 7 on his face! 1 on his neck. 5 on his back. 1 on his chest. 3 on his arms. My poor little Will. His poor, little, bony body covered with humongous pink circles.

I asked him if he noticed that there were bugs sitting on his face eating him? Besides his freaking out at the thought of it and screaming and crying, he happened to answer, "no. but I saw one on Joey's back." And of course he kept that information to himself , so I'm sure Joey is covered with mosquito bites too.

I am seriously itching all over just looking at Will.

On another note, Alyssa (who decided that she wanted pancakes and waffles, no actually cereal, no actually actually just kidding... not hungry) fell asleep on the couch this morning while playing with scooby doo characters at 7:50 AM....!

Um... this girl has got to start sleeping better at night... she's killing me!


  1. I got eatin alive last night at a bbq. All the rain this year has contributed to the breeding of big a$$ mosquitos. Ugh.

  2. uhmmmm, Orah, mosquitoes must have liked your sweet A$$, cuz I dont have ONE bite on me.
    Rayli, I cant believe Will.....he look so bad :(
    U putting anything on them...they are HUGE bites!!
    Alyssa is hilarious..

    - Miss.S

  3. I'm itchy now too. yeesh!

  4. Those look horrible! How ironic is it that the ad directly under this comment box I'm typing ni is for Terminix?! LOL