Tuesday, July 7, 2009


About 6 or 7 years ago, my kids fell in love with a bit of my childhood..... Care Bears.

I loved care bears.... friend bear, tenderheart bear, funshine bear, cheer bear....

Every so often I would buy a care bear for them... big ones, small ones, care bear cousins, talking care bears, glow in the dark care bears, workout care bears... you get the picture. They loved them and I loved that they loved them!

They had parties with them, took them on trips, even made a care bear wedding!

Then after a year or so, they stopped caring about them as much, and they stopped playing with them as much, and I decided that they didn't need to be on their beds anymore... So, I put them in a big garbage bag in the basement.

About 3 weeks ago, Jessica's friend slept over for the weekend and asked what ever happened to all our care bears. So, we went down to the basement and brought them all upstairs to play with.

Alyssa loves them! Especially the ones that talk!

P.S. Happy 11th Birthday, Jessica!!!


  1. is it my imagination, or was that bear saying "let's get physical" to alyssa?

  2. ok, first of all, that pic with the heart on emily's belly is too cute!!!! and that is a hell of a lot of care bears!!! you can open a museum!

  3. ok..and i just watched the video! that look on alyssa's face when she knocks over the care bear is classic!!