Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Child Is Not Mine....

My kids are on winter break. I try to make sure to do something fun every day.

We went to Brunswick Zone with Jessica's friend the other day. Each of the kids bowled one game, Alyssa won by the way! Anyway, afterward they played in the arcade a little. Alyssa won 2 tootsie rolls from a candy machine just as she was telling me that she had to go to the bathroom.

She ate one of them while we walked there. I held the other while she did her business. And then I gave it back to her.

I told her to wait right next to the door of the stall so I could see her, while it was my turn "to go."

It was only a few seconds, but as I was about to flush I heard the sound I was hoping not to hear....

It was the sound of an unwrapped tootsie roll falling on the bathroom floor right next to a toilet. Then I saw something that made me think twice about whether this child could actually be mine....

Before I could get the words, "No! Don't eat it! " out of my mouth, a little hand picked up the candy and.........


Oh my god! I wanted to throw up!

This child cannot be mine!

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