Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Things To Try

I have been looking for some new fun things to bake and craft. I came across a few new blogs that I like with great ideas. If I ever make any of them I will post pics.

Been really busy and haven't blogged in forever. Truthfully, I haven't even read any blogs in months. I am very busy getting deals for and I am seriously exhausted by the end of the day. I give all you working moms a lot of credit. I only work a half day a few days a week and I am totally exhausted by the end of the night.

Anyway, I hope you all forgive me and hope that you all check in on me every once in a while....

These are a few of my accomplishments while I was on my "blog break".....

- found a great recipe for buttercream, which I changed a little and made better, and no longer have to buy it from someone when I want to make cakes.

-made an amazing shower for my cousin with my mom and siblings.

-gave my kids an amazing winter break filled with sledding, roller skating, ice skating, bowling, ceramic painting, cupcake war baking, mini golfing, overnight waterpark trips, movies, shopping, and playdates.

-found the show Chopped on the food network (love).

-made a kiddush/lunch for my neighborhood on my husband's birthday.

-went to a Bulls game (3rd row!) for the first time in 10 years.

-played in the snow... well the kids did at least.

-and made lots of fun, pretty cookies.

Here are some pictures.....

some of us skated in our Uggs...

Alyssa and her bestie.... popcorn picnic & funny faces in a photobooth.

Oh yeah, Emily and her friend held a baby alligator.

These were my cupcakes for cupcake war.... each cupcake had to have a theme.
Will was the judge.

Shabbat present for a friend.

Bar Mitzvah cookies...

cookies for a friend who had a baby....

These came out bad. I used chocolate instead of icing :(
Icing is much easier.

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