Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Or at least we try to.

I just started working for I am supposed to be contracting deals for them. The first day was a little tough, but I feel my confidence coming back and I am hoping to get some good ones contracted soon.

If any of you are interested in signing onto their website, I gave you a link above. It's free and they will send you their daily deal via email. They are mostly north shore (north Chicago suburbs) right now and are hoping to expand soon.

Anyway, I feel good dressing a little nicer on the days I work. Blowing my hair, instead of wearing a ponytail. Not only dressing in Mommy clothes (jeans and a hoodie) all the time. Kinda fun. I actually feel like a grown up for a few hours a day, instead of just running errands and doing stuff for the family.

I really like the guys at the office, and oddly enough one of them grew up on the same block that I did!!!! How crazy is that?!?!
Anyway, the girls and I have been using our DVR lately (my mother's day present that was finally hooked up about a month ago). I LOVE it. So nice to be able to dvr all our tv shows and be able to watch them whenever we want. I am still not sure how to watch it without commercials though. I can do it when I am watching it later, but I thought you could do it while it was recording. If anyone would like to fill me in on that secret... please do so in the comments.

The annoying thing was when I recorded the amazing race and later tried to watch it, only to find out that it was 60 minutes instead! Probably cuz of a delayed football game. That makes me hate football even more.

I had about 3 or 4 mini heartaches today while watching Alyssa swim at school today. She is fearless. She was holding rubber duckies and almost fell off the tot dock 3 times. One of those times I actually screamed, but she got her balance and was fine.

The teachers take the kids one at a time to swim after the ducks. They sometimes let their faces go a little into the water to let them get used to the feel of being in water and swimming in water.

But the crazy mother in me freaks out and can barely watch, thinking that she is gonna drown.

Even though they are holding her.

But I do trust them. And there are enough of them there taking care of our kids. But as most of you know, I am a total control freak and feel totally on edge watching it from a viewing room way out of Alyssa's reach.

So every wednesday morning that's where I'll be. Watching my daughter.... making sure she isn't drowning.... satisfying my crazy mind from going wild with "what ifs."

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  1. Love the new layout!!!!! Its like redecorating a part of you with out the major energy and cost commitment! ES