Monday, October 11, 2010

Mad About Mad Men

Don Draper...... (sigh)

Need I say more.

Are all of you in love with him too?

There is just something about him.

He's not perfect.

He cheated on his wife about a billion times, without feeling bad.
(truthfully, I didn't care either... Betty is a bore)

He isn't the nicest boss at work,

But just look at him!?! He looks great in a suit and his slicked back hair.

Now all he needs is Peggy. I'm rooting for the 2 of them.

First of all, she is the best dressed woman on the show.

Did you see her outfits last night?

ALI, I am talking to you.

The red and white? LOVE.

The black dress with the white vertical stripe? LOVE.

And she probably is the most interesting personality on the show. As far as the women go.

Anyway, if you have not seen Mad Men yet, stay home today and watch it.

Best show on tv.

*and while you are sitting there with your coffee, watch Kardashians too. Just saying.


  1. ok, i'll admit i've never watched mad men-

    and i'm also totally embarrassed to admit that keeping up with the "k"'s is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure. i'm a little obsessed.....

  2. have you seen my mad men post at aiming low? He outfits have been getting soooo much better. She really has hit her stride, fashion-wise.

  3. I wonder how many people watch Mad Men AND the Kardashians. It might be a small minority. An elite minority, of course. Anyway, DD is totally dreamy.

  4. Ok- I am out of the loop. I have been reading you in google reader and didn't see your redo. SOOOO nice! Also, love mad men, although I am a bit late. I am watching it on netflix and am somewhere in season 2 where Don is booted out by Betty. And Don? Seriously flawed, but oh so lovable! What is it about him that makes me want to smoke a cigarette? He makes it look soooo cool. :)