Friday, May 7, 2010

This Week At Our House.....

Jon coaches Will's baseball team.

Wednesday night Will had a game (after his one hour hockey class... which I took him to. Again. More on that later.)

I stayed for half the baseball game and then took Alyssa home.

When Jon gets home he says to me...

"I think I sprained my ankle."

Me: "how did you sprain your ankle?"
Jon: "at baseball."
Me: "at baseball? all you do is pitch a ball to first graders."
Jon: "Yeah, well I was trying to pick up a ball and totally fell, and I think I sprained my ankle."
Me: "I'm sure you're fine"

It was totally NOT swollen. It looked totally fine.

A couple hours later, while drinking a few beers on the couch...

Jon: "it really hurts. I really think something's wrong with it. I can barely stand on it."
Me: "Are you just saying that so you can just sit on the couch and drink beer?"
Jon: "no. I swear."
Me: "Well then how did you get the beer?"
Jon: "I got it from the fridge."
Me: "whatever"
Jon: "I'm numbing the pain."

The next day he was on a pair of crutches.

Me: "I think you like using those crutches."
Jon: "Are you serious?"
Me: "yes."
Jon: "You're crazy."

So now I hear, "Emily, can you get me water? Rayli, can you get me more ice..... "

I mean he was picking a freaking ball off the ground!!!!!!

I do believe him that he is hurt and in pain. I'm sure he did somehow sprain his ankle while picking up a ball, but I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first.

I did make him crawl up the stairs and sit in the bathroom with Alyssa while she took a bath so I could watch Survivor with the other kids.... I'm mean like that.

Anyway, Emily has been really wanting to try out Will's hockey class, and on wednesday she did. Pink gloves and all! She looked adorable and had fun too! So now we will have 2 kid hockey players in the family. And Jon is definitely smiling about that!

Jessica was away for a couple nights for her sixth grade trip. It's amazing how much quieter the house is with just one kid missing.

On sunday she invited a bunch of friends over for a bonfire to celebrate Lag Ba'omer. We cooked hot dogs on skewers over the firepit (and then on the grill just in case). I made salad, pasta, french fries, popcorn, spilled chips all over my kitchen floor and made Jon go out and get new ones, fruit, cookies and we had a picnic on the basketball court. They made friendship bracelets for each other. And when it started to get a little dark we made smores over the fire. They had a really good time!

Alyssa had a Mother's Day Brunch at school.

She's such a little cutie!

Hope you all had a great week! And Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


  1. I knew that pit would be great for Lag Ba Omer!!!
    Happy Mothers Day to you too - we dont really celebrate it here in Israel... oh well what do they say...everyday is mothers day?!?!

  2. How come u are the coolest mom ever?! Emily and Jessica's friends must love coming to your house!

  3. ok, serisouly. you ARE the coolest mom ever. the place to be!!!!
    and i'm with you on the whole "sprained ankle" thing. I am SO not the sympathetic wife. "suck it up and be a man" is my motto!
    also, you look totally hot in the pic from alyssa's brunch! she IS such a cutie!

  4. You should be nicer to your husband.
    I feel bad for him that you're so publicly mean.

  5. .... On the other hand, yeah you do fun stuff with your kids!

  6. Elayna, you can just write your name. I'm not stupid!