Friday, April 30, 2010

Squirrels and Manners and a Laugh

We have a bit of a problem with the neighborhood squirrels.

Not only do they eat through my garbage cans, take all the food out of my garbage can, eat it on my deck. Yes, I watch it eat leftover chicken, bread, pizza, cookies, steak bones, I even saw it eating our keurig cup coffee grounds!

When I'm cooking, it comes up to my kitchen window and watches me. I must have the best food and garbage in the neighborhood.

But this squirrel has reached a new low. It had done it before, years ago, when I used to have a Honda Odyssey. It ate through my transmission wires!!!!

Sunday morning, I tried to start my car, and the whole car started shaking and the check engine light went on. I knew what had happened since the squirrels had done it to me once before, and we had Ford tow my car. I mean, how annoying. I hate squirrels! Seriously, I find no reason for them to be alive. I actually killed one once, It was gnawing and scratching on my bedroom window. I would hear it at night. It shaved away so much of that old wood that I was afraid it would be in the house soon. So one morning I put a wrapped piece of rat poison (thank you home depot for having individually wrapped rat poison) on the window sill.... and I never heard from that squirrel again.

I'm thinking of buying a few more to keep in my garbage can.... (evil laugh)


Anyway, when I went to pick up my car, I saw something even more disgusting. The woman in front of me was flossing her teeth while in line to pay for her car. Flossing. Her teeth. In line. And it wasn't a big piece either. I was totally nauseous. After she finished she picked up the pen and signed her receipt and walked away. I didn't want to touch anything she touched. That is so gross. When I had to sign my receipt I tried to take the pen from the woman behind the window, but she told me that it was hers... So I quickly picked up the dental floss contaminated pen with 2 fingers and scribbled my name. Yuck. That is so gross and rude.

Some people have no manners.

And now I will leave you with a funny Will comment.

The other night Jon told me that after I left baseball (he's the coach I was just watching Will play for a little) 2 kids were scratching each other's eyes out, fighting over who would play third base. I couldn't believe it so I said, "Will is that true?" And he said, "No...." So I looked at Jon and said, "I can't believe it" and Jon said, "I promise, they were totally going at it." So Will said, "Oh yeah, Daddy, well how come they still had their eyes at the end of the game?"

Hahahahahaha. Gotta love that kid.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Squirrels once at through the wires in my car too! I was driving and all of a sudden the car started shaking. Right now I have a dead squirrel on my front lawn...were you involved in that murder too?

  2. maybe you should move to Israel - we have no squirrels!!! ES

  3. i also DESPISE squirrels. the love my yard for some reason and i think they are disgusting. and they have no fear anymore either. when we were kids and we started coming, they would run away. now they just sit there and stare at us and say, "yeah? what do YOU want?" i say we start a movement and kill them all.

  4. My hubs works for a cable company and will swerve to hit a squirrel crossing the road. LOL Nothing but rats with fluffy tails.