Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

So life has been kinda crazy lately. Lots of bat mitzvah planning, lots of soccer and baseball and hockey and basketball.... seriously there is way too much sports going on in my house. Will has baseball on sundays, mondays and wednesdays. Hockey on wednesdays. And soccer on sundays. Emily has soccer on sundays and tuesdays, and is going to start hockey sometime soon. Jessica has basketball on mondays and thursdays. Plus a million hockey and baseball games on tv. I can't take it anymore!

So the other night I insisted on no sporting events on tv. I watched my shows..... Biggest Loser, The Hills, and The City and The Hills Aftershow. So relaxing...... no buzzers going off, no background announcers giving a play by play, no annoying mascot hawk calls... I hate that mascot. I cried during The Biggest Loser..... love that show. And The Hills actually had a great scene about Heidi Montag. Made even more funny on the aftershow. But kinda funny in a mean way, actually. (I looked for it on youtube but it's not up yet.)

Poor Heidi Montag. Her confidence must have been very low to have 6 surgeries.... and then for her to finally feel beautiful (even though she looks terrible), to have her mother tell her that she looks awful. Felt really bad for her.... But seriously, what was she thinking??? It was actually pretty sad. But the aftershow made it hilarious. Hope some of you caught that.

Anyway, I think the last time I blogged was the night before I went dress shopping with Jessica.
I had three stores in mind to go to. I told myself that this was Jessica's day. I was gonna let her pick out the dress that she loved and felt beautiful in. Jessica has been really picky lately and I just wanted her to feel amazing in her Bat Mitzvah dress. Well about 10 minutes after we got to the first store she found her dress. She loved it right away. I would never have guessed that this would be the dress, but she LOVED it! She was actually skipping to the mirror and twirling around. I let her pick out another dress that she could wear to shul (synagogue) the weekend of her Bat Mitzvah. Then I found another casual dress for Jessica and a dress for Emily too (she gave me those half off... yes that's what happens at a store when you spend a lot of money).

I still gotta find myself and Alyssa something to wear. I feel like time went very fast and I'm hoping I will get everything done.

Anyway, this weekend is Jessica's friend's Bat Mitzvah. We are having some girls sleep over and Jessica is very excited because one of them is her friend from LA. Apparently when someone becomes Bat Mitzvah their friends make them a memory bottle. Jessica had never done it at our house, so last saturday night we had her friends come over to make a memory bottle for the bat mitzvah girl. I had no clue what they were supposed to do. Apparently they take a wine bottle and decorate it and then melt crayons down it. They put stickers and pictures on it and then put their song inside it.

Well, they did all that and then I gave them more stuff and they decided it might be better to attach the song to the bottle instead of in it. My kitchen was a mess of glue gun drippings, flowers, pipe cleaners, stickers and paper scraps.

They wrote the most ridiculous song to the tune of True Friend. And after half an hour of helping them redo their song and cleaning my craft covered kitchen, I finally got the kids to bed a little after 11. Not my idea of a fun saturday night.

Of course it was all worth it when they said it was the best memory bottle ever. I mean, why do I even care about that? Not sure but I do.

Anyway, the girls and I took Will to hockey yesterday, apparently I have been conned by my husband into taking Will to hockey by being told that it is hot to be a hockey mom. He may think so, but all I know is that it is anything but hot in that skating rink. Note to self... bring jacket to hockey next week.

Will was so cute. He was trying to impress us by skating as fast as he could. He really wanted Jessica and Emily to see how much better he was than when they saw him skate last time. He may be small, but he is tough. He tries and tries and never gives up, even though half the kids are double his height and speed.

For a treat (and dinner) I took him for ice cream and then straight to baseball. That little boy was a tired, sweaty, stinky little guy when he finally got home.

Let's see what else have I been up to???


Oh the freakin landscaper asked me if I gained a little weight. WTF???? What a jerk! So I am back to being strict starting today. Gotta start making more time to work out and eat better. I have been a little lazy with my workout schedule lately. Tired and busy... but that will no longer be an excuse.

Nothing like having a complete stranger tell you that you're fat.


  1. The landscaper asked if you gained weight!?!?!?! For real!??!?! Someone like that really shouldn't be in a profession where they have to talk to people. Shoulda been a morgue worker or something.

    and um sounds like a LOT Of sports. We have soccer on Sundays and Tuesday nights and it's already enough for me.

  2. Rayli, my friend. Why is your six year old boy playing that much sports - and two on Sunday??? You are a glutton for punishment. Your Landscaper could probably smell on you that you are a glutton for punishment and that is why he opened his big fat mouth. Next time he opens that pie hole of his - shove his weed whacker in it.

  3. I think a programmed kid is a good thing - less time to get into trouble