Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Blabber

So I've been crazy busy with all the details of Jessica's Bat Mitzvah. Oh my god! Who knew there was so much to do???? I guess it doesn't help that Alyssa hasn't been sleeping well. I am totally exhausted!

Today I am letting Jessica ditch school so we can go shopping for her dress. You may wonder why I don't just take her on sunday. I think I might be wondering that too... if I didn't know about the unwritten rule that when planning a Bat Mitzvah you must take your daughter out of school at least twice to do "bat mitzvah stuff." Everyone does it.

I took Jessica invitation shopping which was not fun because she is a preteen and hates everything. I have been told by other moms that 12 year olds are the worst. I am starting to agree. But because I love her, I won't list all the reasons why...

On another note... I told my cousins to go to American Laser Center and guess what???? Because they did I got $250 in the mail! It's a mastercard debit card... can be used wherever they take mastercard! I put it in my pocket yesterday morning. Then decided to change midday cuz it got warm out. Then when it got cold again (that's chicago for ya) and I wanted to change again I realized that I threw my hoodie with the debit card in the hamper. Of course my cleaning lady had taken it down to be washed. I thought I lost my $250 forever! Luckily it was a card not a check and it just looked shiny and clean when I found it at the bottom of the washing machine. I know, I am very responsible. By the way, if you ever run out of cash and you need a little money, my laundry room is the best place to find some. Oh, and if you decide to do laser, tell them I sent you.

Anyway, Alyssa is becoming quite verbal and I am loving every second of it. Every morning when the older three get out of my car to go to school, I say "bye guys. have a good day. love you." So now every morning Alyssa waits for them to get out and says, "bye guys. I love you!" She started calling Jessica "Ca." And when she is looking for her around the house she says, "I can't find my Ca."

She takes really good care of me. When I sneeze she says "bless you, mommy" and if she hears me say ouch or oh no, she says, "oh no, mommy. are you otay?" Otay... gotta love that.

Not sure if I told you all, but Alyssa had a terrible rash for a couple weeks. She would cry a lot, especially when I had to diaper her. I took her to the doctor on friday, because I wanted him to see how bad it was.... (all the other diaper rash recommendations were not helping). He prescribed this miracle cream that made it go away so quickly!! If only I had insisted on going into the office sooner. Anyway, when I first got the cream Alyssa was scared of it. I laid her down on the floor crying her eyes out. I was looking for the cream but couldn't find it. I said to her, "Alyssa did you hide your cream?" and suddenly she stopped crying and said, "yes!" hahahaha. The kids and I could not stop laughing.

And apparently she likes hiding things because yesterday Jon's car keys were missing. I found them in her room.

Can't wait to see what today brings...

Wish me luck (and a lot of patience) in finding a dress for Jessica today!

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