Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy B-day 3 Months Late

On January 1st I gave my husband a fire pit for his birthday. He always wanted one for the backyard. He used to always go to his friend's house to have a beer and hang outside talking by his fire pit. I was so excited to give it to him. Unfortunately it sat in its box (in my dining room unfortunately) for months.

I told Jon that I could return it if he didn't want it. He said he did but it was too cold outside to use it. Ahem, he used to go to his buddy's house in the middle of winter... but whatever. We'll forget that fact.

Well finally, after months of waiting, Jon put the fire pit together and actually used it! The kids were so excited! Months of marshmallow toasting dreams were finally coming true. Jon sat with his beer by his fire pit toasting marshmallows with the kids.

It's kinda fun.

A little white trashy.

I'm thinking that I should buy some 12 inch stone squares to make a nice little area around it instead of it just sitting on the grass.

I'm also thinking that maybe the girls should invite their friends over to cook themselves some hot dogs on a stick and make some smores. Everyone loves smores.

Although it would be easier to just grill them on our grill.

I'm such a kill joy.

Anyway, it would have made a great picture to show all you guys but I was too lazy to get my camera. Sorry. I'm so tired lately... it's annoying.

Next time... I promise.


  1. Jon loves his firepit..................

  2. that sounds cool! I want pictures!

  3. It will be great for Lag BaOmer!!! ES

  4. But which firepit does he love more? The one he has to sit around with his kids or the one at the friends house where he escapes, I mean sits around without kids...