Monday, May 10, 2010

My Pictures Have Arrived!!!!

Remember I told you about the beverly hills photographer that took pictures of me and the kids (Jon was at the casinos) at our hotel in Vegas?

Well the pictures are so great! I love them! He even put some of them on his blog. These are the ones that I loved, keep in mind that these are pictures of the pictures. The real ones are so clear and the color is amazing. We are still missing one of Jessica, but when I get that one I will post it. Here they are:

Do you think I bought enough pictures of Alyssa??? Truthfully it was impossible to choose which ones to get. He took 86 pictures. And they were all good! Actually, I take that back there were 2 that I looked ugly and fat in, and made him delete them. So 84 pictures to choose from. And with kids this cute it's hard. :)

Stuart, the photographer, posted his favorite pictures from the photoshoot on his blog. Check it out, the color is sooo much better!

Here is a link to it:

He is awesome!
And is really fun and out going.
And I don't want to embarrass his girlfriend, who was helping him by shielding the sun and wind, but......

the picture of my kids piling up on top of each other... it was crazy windy outside, and every time the wind blew, her dress would get blown around. We were all on the ground, and I started to laugh cuz every time the wind blew we could see her butt and thong. Hahahahaha... it was really funny and awkward cuz she was holding this big thing so she couldn't hold her dress down. After a few minutes she was like, "God, it is so windy!"

I said to her, "Yeah, don't worry, we only saw your butt like 3 times."


It was really funny! That's what's so great about them. You can totally joke around with them and have fun. I think that's why his pictures come out so great. He really gets to know you a little and makes it fun.

He'll even gossip about the "monster mom" (as Will called her) over breakfast at the hotel.

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  1. pics are awesome!!!! i LOVE the ones of the kids all piled up! and i love how alyssa's toes are painted!!!!! so cute!!!!! and you look H-O-T!!!!!