Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Birthday & A Surgery

Hey, I just noticed that I missed my blog's birthday. It was one year on the 9th. Maybe I would have noticed if I had actually blogged consistently. Anyway, happy 1 year to me and my blog.

Emily had a minor surgery yesterday afternoon. I picked up all the kids from school at 2, and Jessica babysat for Alyssa while Will went to a friend's house, and Emily and I went to the plastic surgeon.

Two years ago, Emily and I noticed a little mole on her hairline. Over a year's time it grew onto her forehead. It was growing pretty quickly, and even though the dermatologist said it didn't look bad, we decided to get it removed. The initial visit with the plastic surgeon was last october. She only does these surgeries once a month, so it was really hard to get yesterday's appointment.

Anyway, Emily was really brave. She was so scared but sat very still as the doctor cut into her head. I of course was standing next to Emily and watched the whole thing. It was kinda scary watching that, but pretty amazing too. She got 7 or 8 stitches in all.... just slightly over half an inch.

Now's the really hard part... no gym or sports for 2 weeks. For Emily that is a big deal. Nothing can touch it. With Alyssa running around the house with giant bubble wands, it is easier said than done.

Emily took the day off of school today to chill in her pajamas and watch movies all day. Tonight she will be able to wash her hair finally. It has lots of funky stuff in it... cannot wait to wash it!

Anyway, that's all for today.

Happy Birthday to my friend Orah!


  1. the thing that caught my eye in this post is that you have a child old enough to babysit for a younger one. JEALOUS.

  2. omg...totally with shosh on that one!!!

  3. What really caught my eye was the shout out to your friend for her birthday, niiiiice! Glad the removal went well...