Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Snap!

Ok, so I borrowed a friend's p90x dvd. I asked him if I could just borrow it for one night. I think I've had it for almost a week. I told him to give me an ab one and a cardio one. The ab one was really hard. There are some moves that my body was just not made for.... maybe in a few weeks if I keep at it, but definitely not just yet. I would describe the pose to you, but it doesn't read well... and this is not that kind of blog.... ;)

Anyway, the cardio x starts off with 10 minutes of yoga. Holy hell! Who knew yoga was soooo strenuous! Seriously, it was way harder than any Jillian workout I've ever done. My arms were burning! Then the rest is kickboxing and cardio. It was so much fun! The next day I ached all over and was thrilled about it! My arms, shoulders, waist, abs, legs.... EVERYTHING. That's when I knew that there was no way I was returning it without doing it again.

Well, I was doing it again just a little while ago. My arms were kinda achey so I took a 20 second break during the yoga part. Then as I was getting back into it I guess I lifted my left leg up a little too quickly, and heard (and felt) a snap in my upper back thigh, right below my butt. Pain. Pain. Pain. I walked around the room saying ow a million times, a little frantic till it felt a little better.

Of course I still wanted to do the workout, so I jogged in place during the rest of the yoga. The kickboxing did not come easy. I couldn't kick high or fast with my left leg, and kicking to the side and back with my right leg didn't feel so great either. So I did low kicks. The cardio was all good, and I got a good sweat out of it.

Now, if I were a guy, I probably would have sat on the couch whining and complaining. But we women are tough. We can deal with a little pain.

Anyway, not sure what I pulled, but I'm sure I'll be all better by tomorrow. After all I have to do this workout as often as I can before he makes me give it back.

And next time, I am NOT stopping to rest in the middle, cuz it turned out to be more painful than if I had just completed the yoga part aching arms and all.


  1. Based on your description it sounds like you pulled a hamstring, and, that hurts !