Friday, February 5, 2010

Ok, So My Dad Is A Urologist...

If you didn't read the comments from yesterday's blog, my friends all went to town on the fact that I went to my dad, the urologist, to take care of my toe...

Listen all you laughing girls out there. If I trust my dad to do my son's circumcision, and thousands trust him to do their vasectomies, I think I can trust him to slit my toe! It's just a toe!


Anyway, I went to the grocery store to buy Jon some beer the other day and I didn't get carded. I told the woman that it would have been NICE if she would've carded me, just to make me feel all cute and young. I miss those days...

But I did run into a friend I havn't seen in a while and she told me I looked skinny. So that made up for it! Thanks Rachel! Me, You, Shosh, and coffee... let's get on that.



  1. The worst was when I went out with hubs and he got carded and I didn't. And . . . he is older than me. needless to say, I was not happy. Not happy at all. That waitress did not get a good tip! :)

  2. I hate getting carded!! Looking my age or not...that is just one extra card to pull out!


  3. Hope your lil piggy feels better and great job on using your treadmill. My treadmill is feeling lonley, neglected and will probably require counseling at some point. :)

  4. Love the title of your Blog - you are truly HILARIOUS!!! ES