Thursday, February 4, 2010

*Gross-Out Alert*

I ran 3 miles on my treadmill yesterday. It felt so good to only run 3! I feel really great and am finally losing weight!

Anyway, I took a quick shower and then took Will and Alyssa to the Disney Store. They have been obsessed with the Cars movie, and have a pretty big collection of cars. After that I decided to stop by my Dad's office (he's a doctor) to have him look at my toe. It got kinda messed up from running, and it recently started getting swollen and purple.

I totally thought I would just need a topical ointment, but apparently it is a major infection and he had to numb it up (serious pain... I screamed) and then slit my toe with a scalpel to let whatever it was get out. Now I don't know about you, but I might be the worst patient in the whole world. I do not have a high threshold for pain, and this really really hurt. Will and Alyssa were in the room with me and poor Will was crying cuz he's never seen me in so much pain.

I guess blood was collecting in my toe. My dad said he doesn't know how I've been walking on it, let alone running. Anyway, he seems to be really worried about it turning into cellulitis (just a side note, no woman should ever have to have something that sounds like cellulite) which I guess is pretty bad, and put me on 2 strong antibiotics and told me to soak my foot a few times a day.

So I guess running will have to be put on hold for now until I am all better.

Well, all that happened between 4 and 5 yesterday. And my niece was having her erev shira (kinda like a play, choir and dance all together) at 7. I really really didn't want to go. I was very nervous about the pain in my toe, and all I wanted to do was stay home. I called my brother to try to get out of it, and he told me that if I'm hurt I should stay home, but that she'd probably be sad.

So instead of sitting down and resting my foot, I had to make dinner for my family as fast as I could, get changed, and go to the nearby public school, where they were performing. When I tell you it was long and boring it is an understatement. She only sang 2 songs, and the rest of the time was so boring that me, my mom, Jessica, Emily, and my niece Aliza were all texting the whole time and playing on their itouch. It didn't end till 10!!!! And the only reason I stayed was so my niece would see me at the end.

My kids were bored and tired, and all we wanted to do was leave. But we stayed. And when it was over I gave her a big hug, told her she was great, and after talking to us for 3 seconds she said she had to go and went off with her friends. Pretty typical for an 8th grader I guess. She was very excited about the "cast party" that they were going to which would end at midnight. Ummm.... aren't kids supposed to go to bed at night? That's all I wanted to do. Even my little first grade niece was still running around with her friends....

I must be old.


  1. uch. that sounds so painful and disgusting. i am also so bad with pain. i probably would have said "NO!" and run out of the office before he could do anything to me.

  2. I think this story would be funnier if u told ppl what kind of Doctor ur dad is.

  3. My girls also went to Erev Sira last night, and even Ziva noted that it way waaaay too long. So much so that this AM Leeby swore to me that her stomach was hurting her and that she couldnt go to school, which to me, means, Im waaay too tired from that long A$$ Erev Shira to go to school.
    Sorry bout your nasty toe. I coul just picture u screaming ur head when your dad ws fixing it up. Dummy, u shoulda had ur kids wait outside the room.
    - Miss S.

  4. Uch, the toe thing is crazy. But pretty amazing that you were even able to run so soon after the marathon.
    And yeah, I sent my daughter to that erev-shira with someone else because I knew how long it would be, craziness!

  5. I was going to ask the same question as Orah....I dont recall your dad being a podiatrist or an ER doctor- if I remeber correctly he is a UROLOGIST!!!! far be it from me to comment but I think you went to the worng specialist!!!!! (FYI if you soak your toe in warm water 10min, 4 times a day you will see significant improvement and also no tight fighting shoes, and clean white cotton socks (no tights)when you are out and about and open to the air when you are home! Feel better!!! ES

  6. ES- I trust my dad to slice me more than anyone else. And he told me to do exactly what you said! soak 4 times a day! and take my meds... which means my birth control will not be working this month.. oh well!

  7. first of all...ouch! how WERE you running around on that thing? Hope it's feeling better. Cobi once dropped a jar of something on his toe when he was about 18 months and the thing kept getting bigger and purpler (more purple?) I was totally freaking out. Of course it was on shabbos. Anyway, we asked a neighbor who was a dr who said he didn't think it was an emergency and to wait til the next day. Later on Estee accidentally stepped on him and his toe EXPLODED! Blood everywhere! He totally freaked out but then the swelling went down (obviously) and it looked SO much better.

    And erev shira..I went for MY neice last yr. Took Estee. We left after 2 1/2 hours cuz I was DYING! Estee was sad to leave early but even she was falling on her face. I felt bad when my sis-in-law called me this yr to ask if she should by me a ticket. I was like, umm...I don't think so. I should have been a little more tactful abt it. But you made me feel a lot better. I'll just have to wait and see what Arie Crown's are like next yr when Estee's actually in one!

  8. haha it did occur to me to mention something about what kind of doctor your father is. i was going to say something like, "well at least he just cut open your toe and not your um....."

  9. Once the clock strikes 8p I am practically ready for bed!! The only reason I'm not sleeping yet is because I got to take a nap (thank you snow for letting me go home early) - wooo hooo!!