Monday, February 8, 2010

It Must Be Monday

I went to the grocery store,

parked my car,

opened the door,

and realized I left my purse at home.

Went home, made a cup of coffee,

sat at my computer desk....

took a sip of my coffee

to wash down my giant pill (antibiotic... toe...),

choked on the huge thing,

spit coffee all over my computer desk...

It must be Monday...

And more great news...

It's supposed to snow tonight...


  1. I hate the snow too! We are getting more tomorrow...Your kiddos are super cute! I have a Will too!

  2. is it weird that im kinda excited for the snow? i mean, really, if we have to suffer through a long, freezing winter, at least we shoulg be able to get some good sledding/snowman building days, right?

  3. I really hope they're right about the snow and that it's going to be a real one this time. Winter has been long and uneventful. I need a change. Snow will fulfill that for now. But then I want spring.

  4. Can all you snow lovers please get off my blog and let me wallow in my snow hating misery!!!!????


  5. Ugg....We are getting the snow right now! I ready for it to go away!! Happy Monday!

  6. Look at the bright side - The snow will most probably not affect your Monday ...... just your Tuesday.

    (I am not a snow lover. I am a beach, Ocean and pool lover).

  7. ok , i don't mean to be mean, but when i visualized you choking on your pill and then spitting coffee all over your keyboard it made me laugh out loud a little bit. (it was the spitting part that made me laugh. not the choking. choking's not funny at all)