Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Many Sides Of Alyssa

I think Alyssa may have been The Little Mermaid in another life. She started combing her hair with her fork (dinglehopper) while eating her lunch the other day.

Afterall, she does like to be naked....

And she loves taking a bath....

She could have also been the girl from the book Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch.

She does like to draw all over her body...

And like the girl in the book does to her father, she told me that she wants to color all over me too!

What I do know about Alyssa is that she is OBSESSED with cars. All cars. Especially Jon's (black mustang convertible). She loves when we are in traffic and there are cars all around her, or on the highway, or even just walking down the street. She is obsessed with the Disney movie Cars and owns almost all of the cars from the movie.

She even wears boy's Cars pajamas (because Disney doesn't make any Cars clothing for girls). But she does look pretty cute in them, I must say...

*Is everyone noticing that Alyssa is double the size of Will.... He will be 6 next month and she is 2 1/2.... Crazy!


  1. She's such a spunky little it!

  2. first of all, she is so cute! and she's not double the size of will. he's tall and thinned out and she's shorter and closer to the camera too. and she'll impress all the boys one day with her infinite car wisdom.