Thursday, January 7, 2010

We've Got A New Favorite Song

The kids and I love the song Tik Tok by Ke$ha. If only the words were a little bit nicer. I mean truthfully it's not as bad as some of the other songs out there, but you know these are my kids and they are 11, 9, and 5 and they are walking around singing...."before I leave I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack." Emily asked Jessica what a bottle of Jack was. Jessica said she didn't know. I pretended I didn't hear them talking to each other.

I did volunteer that "Boys try to touch my junk" means they try to touch her butt. Because it could mean a whole lot more than her butt and I'd rather them think it's just her butt. I know.... I'm such a good mom. Not. I used to not let them download these songs from itunes, but they were listening to them anyway, and they knew them all from their friends at school, so what's really the point in making them try to figure out why I'm saying no. Although there are a few songs that I won't allow them to listen to... like Hotel, Motel... is that what it's called? Because that one is pretty graphic. And they decided that Don't Trust Me was too inappropriate to listen to. They actually told me that while I was listening to it. Hee hee. It's hard though, cuz some of these songs are good. It's just the words that are inappropriate. And truthfully I kinda like em.

In case there are some of you that have not heard this song, which I find kind of impossible cuz it's always on the radio, this is it...


  1. I think it should be only uncle moishy - in the car, on the ipod, on the radio

  2. I agree with JB, maybe throw in a little Miami Boys Choir and b4 you know it - it's "oy oy oy oy" all the time.

  3. Well I think Rayli should be MOTHER OF THE YEAR! Man, u and my sis are cut from the same nutty cloth. Altho, my sis would probably let her kids listen to Pit Bulls's "hotel, motel, holiday inn." I do love all those songs too. Altho, my kids aint hearing them! And I was sooo mad when Leeby came home yesterday singing "Shakira's "She wolf." Her friend brought an i-pod to school. SO much for sending them to AC!
    - Miss S.

  4. I agree w/ JB & Orah, but would prefer listening to the Daf. Yeah Yeah!

  5. ok, if i were my eye make-up like she did pple would think i just never washed it off from the night before. and i am totally horrible when it comes to listening to the radio cuz i love it so much. benny goes around singing "take me away" all the time. and estee? don't even go there. what was it miss s. said? so much for sending em to ac?