Friday, January 8, 2010

3 More Weeks.....

There are only three weeks left till I leave for Miami for the half marathon.

I had a whole crying session just thinking about it the other night. I am extremely nervous about leaving my kids. I have never left them, and I am going to miss them terribly. Especially little Alyssa who greets me with a big "MOMMY!!!!" and a hug every morning. And who kisses me on the cheek every night in her bed when I tell her I love her....

Knowing that I won't see my wonderful kids for 4 days is killing me. And thinking about Alyssa wandering the house asking "Where's Mommy?" kills me even more.

Of course I will miss Jon too, but leaving the kids is just totally different. They need me and I need them. In a way, I kind of dread going.... leaving them.... I wish they could all go down with me.

But this is something that I'm doing for me. To make me feel good about myself. To have an accomplishment that is all mine and that I worked hard for. I havn't done anything for myself in years, and I know it's gonna feel great to do it.

If only I could shake this heavy, guilty, leaving thing off my shoulders. I told Will that he's lucky that they get to sleep at his grandparents while I'm gone for the weekend. And he looks at me with the cutest face ever and said, "Yeah, but I like when we include you." Of course, tears streamed down my face..... as usual.

I'm thinking I should set up a massage and pedicure appointment while I'm in Miami to cheer me up......

I'm already smiling just thinking about it!

Girls.... we're so easy.


  1. You absolutely should get a pedicure and some pampering! You deserve it. I feel the same way about my kiddies. I get hives just thinking about going away for the weekend, but you are right, you should do it for you! Go girl!!

  2. i used to be this way. then i had to leave my kids on a few occasions and i realized that the anticipation of leaving was far worse than the actual leaving them.

  3. call me selfish, but i think it's good for mommy's to leave their kids every once in awhile. you deserve some time just for you, and it's good for them too! they'll just appreciate you even more when you get back (for abt five minutes. then it'll all go back to normal) and get your massage and ped AFTER the marathon. you totally deserve it!!!

  4. Ooooooo...a massage sounds nice!!! You got mama!!! Kickin arse and takin names - show that 1/2 marathon who the boss-lady is!!!


  5. Drive by comment- but reading your post made me feel a little guilty, lol. The first time I left my daughter for a few days she was 4 years old and at the I was SO excited to have some munchkin-free time alone with my husband while our kiddo stayed by the grandparents that I don't even remember being sad! I don't think I was, lol. :)

    Enjoy your half marathon!

  6. Doing something for yourself is important, and sometimes I think we need to take a break from the kids because they probably get sick of us too :)

    You have an award waiting for you over at my place!

  7. My next post is going to have an award for you - stop on by when you can!!


  8. It is so hard to leave your little ones. I think once they leave our bodies they are forever tied to us by our heartstrings. I just watched my friends FOUR kids while she was out of town as well as my son. WHEW. I hope you have a wonderful time and you deserve a pedicure1

    I am new to your blog and am now following. Pop on by to my bloggy blog and follow back if you would like. It is very nice to "meet" you and I look forward to following your blog!

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  10. umm.. is that a joke (referring to your last post)? which one of the rosen's do you think it is?
    its funny how most people commented on the fact that u might get a massage rather than the majority of what ur blog was about. infact, i think you should relax and and realize ur kids are going to be fine. right now i'd be worrying more about what the weather will be like down in florida.
    its very sweet how much you care about your children, but they will be fine. its four days. and you have a great husband AND family to help take care of them.
    so chill out supermom; win the race!