Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oops I Did It Again....

I got into another fight with a woman at the JCC. Actually she got in fight with me and chose a very unfortunate and ridiculous time to do so.

Everyday at 12:00 I pick up Alyssa from school. I bring her a lunch, and let her eat and then play in the baby gym. Then at around 12:40 I tell her it's time to go, and we drive home while Alyssa falls asleep in her car seat. I put her into bed and enjoy an hour of facebooking, blog reading.... whatever I want to do...

Recently I started taking home a little boy named Benny. He brings a lunch too, and does the whole baby gym routine with us. Then I take him home, Alyssa falls asleep in the car... yada yada yada. Well Benny has a pulley backpack that Alyssa LOVES. Everyday, she tries to get it off the hook for him, or tries to pull it a little... But everyday, he doesn't let her. Well, when we were leaving the baby gym Alyssa really really wanted to pull it. I asked Benny if she could please pull his backpack, but he said no. Alyssa threw herself on the floor and started screaming. She kept screaming and screaming and wouldn't stop.

That is when I remembered that I had parked in the first spot I could in the fire lane (where everyone parks for pickup) and picked up my screaming child who was thrashing around by the way, and threw her over my shoulder and calmly walked out of the building with Benny. As I am walking to my car, a woman follows me. I put screaming, thrashing Alyssa in her car seat, but she was squirming out, so I couldn't buckle her. I closed the door, walked to the other side of my car to help Benny in and I hear this lady scolding me for parking there. I ignored her and helped Benny into the car, buckled him, and closed the door.

The woman was still yelling at me, saying that it is rude of me to park where I was because the CJE bus wouldn't be able to get by. Knowing that I left enough room, I yelled, "Are you really yelling at me when I am trying to get screaming 2 year olds into my car?" She continued yelling about how the bus wouldn't be able to get through, so I said a few not nice things to her (I was having a hard time with Alyssa.... and no I won't tell you what I said). She keeps repeating herself when lo and behold the CJE bus comes and DOES fit through. I looked at her and said, "Look at that, it's a miracle! The bus can fit." She was still talking so I kinda told her to go screw herself cause everyone parks there for pickup. I buckled Alyssa, and drove away. Idiot. I was really annoyed. People should know that when a mother is dealing with her screaming, thrashing, 2 year old it is not a good time to mess with her.

Ahhhh... I feel better now.

If you want to read about my first fight at the JCC you can do so here:


  1. haha. you and orah are singlehandedly terrorizing the city.

    just kidding. that lady totally deserved it. i wanna know what you said!

  2. Before I went to the comment section - I was thinking, wow - ur more mean than me. But we only "terrorize" those who deserve it.

  3. I hate stupid people...they really should be quarantined on a remote island to deal with each other's stupidity. That woman deserved you yelling at her!!


  4. i love you rayli! and i agree. some pple are just idiots.

  5. I think that I started following your blog after I read about the first fight. I remember thinking, "This is my kind of girl! She doesn't take any sh*t!!" :)

  6. Oh yeah, and . . . you like coffee . . and love your kiddies . . . just like me!