Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snakes and Venom

My nephew had a birthday party on sunday. Reptiles. At their house. At first I was thinking: What the hell is my sister thinking.... gross! But, when I got there it was actually kinda cool, and pretty fun watching the kids hold the animals. Not cool enough for me to touch them, but you know. The guy brought a bearded dragon, turtle, and 2 snakes. Here are some cute pics from the party....

This smile on his face was right before the animal decided to crawl up and put its hand (?) in my nephew's mouth! Gross!

Love this one.....

My niece.. pretty brave huh?

And that's my kid. Sitting safely on Daddy's lap. There is no way you can get a snake near him.

I noticed towards the end of the party that my sister was wearing snake skin shoes. Thought that was pretty funny.

Speaking of snakes.... you know Venom from Spiderman 3? Will thinks my Yaktrax look like venom trying to get on me! He won't go near those things.

I gotta tell you... I totally see what he's talking about.

But it is fun to scare him every once in a while. Like when I take them off my shoes and leave them by the door of my bedroom. And wait for the scream when he sees them... Hahahahaha. Call me mean, but a moms gotta have some fun too....


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA - yak trax look like Venom. That is so true.

  2. They look like a chain ppl used to put on their tires for the snow. At least, that's what us LAers did when we went up to Big Bear to ski. I actually never did that, I blame my mom, she didnt wanna take us somehwere where it was frigid. Wimpy mother!
    Maybe I'll get that # for the reptile man, maybe Tzvi would not be as wimpy as Will and actually go near them. But, Will certainly looks adorable in his hockey gear.........me trying to make up for "wimpy" comment.
    - Miss S.

  3. Looks like the kiddos had a lot of fun...I think I still have a picture from when I was little. We went to Disney or something and there was a reptile demo...they called me up and I held this HUGE snake...HUUUUUUUUGE! It was kinda cool!


  4. That party is so cool! I mean, no thanks... but very cool. I had a feeling Will wouldn't be into that!

    I really like yaktrax and they work so well but they've scuffed up my shoes. It's frustrating.