Friday, January 15, 2010


I was really excited last week when I reached 20 followers!

Then I wasn't because I realized one of you has followed me twice :)

But today I got my REAL 20th follower and I was happy all over again!

Welcome to all my new friends and old ones and hidden ones ;)

and duplicate ones! :)

Blogging is just so much more fun than cooking, housework, laundry...... things I probably should be doing...

Especially when you do it side by side with facebook......

And you have a cup of coffee in your hands....

And your daughter is sleeping....

And the rest of the kids are at school.....

Have a great weekend.... see ya monday!


  1. I think that I became your 20th follower?!? I love your post on running. I just ran my first half marathon in Sept. I do enjoy running, but haven't been running because of the cold weather outside. I did just sign up for the Chicago Shuffle in March. I need goals to help. Are you training for a race?

  2. LOL Sorry! I really have NO idea how that happened. AND I really REALLY have no idea how to correct it.

    Happy 20!

  3. some people follow directly through their RSS feeds so they wouldnt even show up in your follower list :)