Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Running...

Yesterday was a big one! I mapped out an 11 mile run for myself. It was a new route, but one I was familiar with because it was the way to my SIL and BIL's apartment.

I was really nervous because my schedule of taking Alyssa to school a little early, eating a bowl of oatmeal, and drinking a bottle of water never happened because she did not want to go to school. I ended up taking her to school late, missing breakfast, and only drinking most of my water bottle. I was kind of nervous about the big run so of course had to pee 3 times and when all that was done I only had 2 hours and 10 minutes till pick up time, which is 12:00.

I ran with my yaktrax because the whole first mile wasn't shoveled very well, but running on the pavement that was clean was getting really difficult. So after that mile I took them off and carried them.

I was so nervous about time. I knew I had to make my halfway point by 1 hour, and did not think I was going to get there in time because it felt like I was running so slowly. I had been running on the treadmill for the past 2 weeks and had gotten used to watching the speed and the time and the miles and the burned calories! Especially those!

I was so happy I chose this route (Lincoln) because there are a lot of storefronts and all the sidewalks were shoveled.... More interesting to look at than houses like I have been doing on my other runs. Anyway, I turned the corner where I went out for drinks with my SIL, BIL and Jon on her birthday and made a left on Belmont. Ran to Southport, made a left at the dress up store she had told me to take my kids to. Another left on School, because, yay, my kids were at school, and a right back onto Lincoln to go home. I checked my watch. It hadn't even been an hour. I was so psyched! At Roscoe, I reached my 1 hour point, and when I checked later that night, it was 5.9 miles! Go me!

The run started getting really hard a few miles later. I felt myself slowing, my muscles were achy, and with about a mile to go started feeling really nauseous. My legs just couldn't run any more. I wasn't cold, I felt great, but my legs just didn't wanna go anymore. I walked the last mile (except for 2 blocks cuz it had gotten late, 11:54). My leg muscles felt frozen, which was weird cuz they normally felt hot after running.

I got home, took off my shoes and socks, texted Jon that I was home, ate a little bowl of cereal while stretching, and got into my car to pick up Alyssa and Benny about 10 minutes late. I was so so not feeling well. I apologized to the teachers and thanked them and then went to the baby gym with Alyssa and Benny, our normal routine. I had brought ice packs and a water bottle and iced my legs and drank, but just could not shake the nausea. It started getting really bad, and I went to the bathroom thinking I might throw up but didn't. The ice was not helping at all and I decided I must go home immediately. I took home Benny, and on my way home Alyssa thank god fell asleep. As I was driving, I suddenly remembered what the online trainer had said:

If your muscles feel hot then ice them. If they feel cold then warm them.

I decided that I should put Alyssa into bed and take a bath. I put her into bed and felt so sick that I crawled into my own bed, pulled my warm down comforter up to my chin, rolled onto my tummy and went to sleep. I know... gross cuz I was still in nasty, sweaty, running clothes but I was soooo not feeling well.

After an hour I felt a million times better. I changed out of my nasty clothes (couldn't shower yet cuz I don't trust Alyssa). Will came home from school, and I hung out with him and Alyssa. I still could not shake the nausea, and couldn't really eat anything till 3:30. When the girls got home, I took the longest, hottest, most amazing shower ever, and although still tired felt better.

I think that I made a few mistakes with this run...

1. I didn't get enough sleep the night before (only 5 1/2 hours).
2. I felt rushed cuz of the time restraint.
3. I hadn't eaten breakfast.
4. I havn't really been eating carbs and went to bed carbfree and hungry the night before.

Next week when I do 12 miles, I will take better care of myself and make sure I have the time and energy to do it. It's just hard because I feel like I am finally losing weight this week and I know its from the lack of carbs.

On the treadmill a few days earlier I burned 630 calories running 5 miles.... The thought that I probably burned over 1200 yesterday morning is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

And even though it made me feel really sick all afternoon, looking at that number makes me smile...



  1. Rayli - please listen to me. This is NOT about losing weight. When you are done with the TRAINING FOR A MARATHON - then continue running just as a form of exercise and then modify your diet - GRADUALLY. And I do not believe in a TOTAL carb free diet. You can definitely focus on good carbs vs bad carbs and eat carbs in moderation - but please do it after the race. No one wants to pick you off the pavement. Feel better - EAT and get stronger because Sunday is supposed to be 39 degrees an Sunny and thats a miracle. :)

  2. YOu're amazing, great job on your run. The eating beforehand is really important though on those longer runs. You're going to do great at the marathon. Good luck with 12 next week!

  3. Girl-
    I am proud of you for training for this marathon, but please listen to ORAH. Carbs are necessary for your body when you are working out. They act like gas does in your car. You wouldn't drive your car without any gas would you? SO, please! Carbs are good for you when you are talking about expending so many calories. Remember, I am a certified trainer and I wouldn't lie to you girl! In all probability, you felt sick because your body was breaking down your muscles to use as fuel because it didn't have any carbs to use for energy. Not good! Please eat your carbs before you run and worry about weight after the marathon!

  4. ....and this is why I don't run anymore. It's just way way way too stressful.

    and yes, listen to your body (and you commenters) when you are burning that many NEED to be carbo-loading. YOU NEED TO BE.

  5. Orah's right.
    You need carbs when you do a long run. They fuel you! I've eaten a devil dog before each 1/2 marathon in Florida :)

    You can't go carb-free when you're marathon training, girl!