Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did You Get This? and Spandex

So did you bloggers out there get a comment on your blog from a casting director that thought you might make a good new reality tv series? I'm assuming we all did, because I am just not that interesting......

Well, it's either a legit casting person, or a stalker, or a psycho murderer, maybe a kidnapper........???

Apparently they believe that IF I was interested I would just casually email them my name, a picture of my family, all their names, and the name of their elementary school...

Is that a joke? Who in their right mind would do that????

Anyway, not at all interested. If any of you out there are, check the comments of my blog titled 3 weeks....


In other news, I decided sunday morning that I would not eat carbs or any snacks this week. Just fruit, veggies, and protein. I realized that the half marathon is in 3 weeks (now 2 1/2!!!!) and I was a little worried about the top 3 inches of my legs.... I mean they take a picture of you as you cross the finish line and I mean, if I'm gonna be wearing spandex pants and the picture is taken while I am in motion, I better try my darndest to look skinny! Seriously, I am not worried about the 13 miles. I will make that happen. But my thighs and butt in spandex is another story. I don't know what their t-shirt looks like or how it fits or how it will look on ME!!!!!!!!!

So I'm a little vain. Can't blame a girl. Isn't everyone?

This is what I figure.... If I look bad in the picture I will definitely go on a starvation diet the second I see it, so if I could avoid trying to starve myself thin by giving up carbs and snacks for a week or two. I'm gonna do it.

So if I seem a little edgy or impatient or down-right mean just know it's the carb lover in me crying out for help. Cuz trust me... she's starving!


  1. OK - no I didn't get a comment like that but it would freak me out!!!!
    I'm not interested in a reality show either but let's be honest -- main stream media is not interested in a reality show about a preacher's family. =)

  2. Congratulations on running a half marathon!

    Don't starve yourelf for a picture though. Isn't that why Photoshop was invented?

  3. Holy Crap - someone thought that u would give all that info up? The scary thing is - someone else out there will obliviously and stupidly give out that info. And Rayli - please eat some sugar for fuel, I really do not want a shot of me carrying your skinny, hot ass across the finish line. And thanks for the award...

  4. I got a similar email. Weird. Just hit delete and move on. :)

  5. that, friends, is what they call SPAM...
    YES. this is why you have a delete key!

  6. You can come over to me to see the shirt if you'd like. It's BRIGHT blue and yellow. So ugly it's cool, and it's fitted.
    I'm not worried for you. Worry for me. I fell on the ice around the 20th of December and just ran again today. OY!