Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Awards :)

I got 2 awards to blog about! Yay me!

I got an award on friday from Samantha from Apple Juice and Milk.

I will gladly pass it along to 7 deserving bloggers, but first I will follow the rules and write 7 interesting things about me....

1. I LOVE the show Phineas and Ferb!!! If you havn't seen this kid show (disney channel) I highly recommend it!

2. I prefer to IM and email people over talking on the phone to them.

3. I love to take really long hot showers, but I hate taking baths.

4. I like reality tv. Especially The Biggest Loser and Survivor.

5. I am actually a very private person in real life, even though I share just about every thought of mine on this blog.

6. I really love running outside and am always in a good mood for hours afterward.

7. My favorite cereal is Fiber One (honey nut clusters), and I eat it for breakfast almost every morning.

I will pass this award on to 7 deserving bloggers:

7. Tales Of A Girly Girl (will share the link if Annie approves)

The second award I received from Working Mommy over at Lessons Learned. Thanks!

Now I have to list ten things that make me happy. Here goes....

1. Stress-free time with my husband and kids.... you know those rare occasions when you actually have nothing to do but hang out and play perpetual commotion (great game). Unfortunately doesn't happen often enough.

2. Running outside in good weather.... I miss the fall season!

3. Getting my hair blown straight.

4. Hanging out with my girls before they go to bed and playing games on their ipod touches.

5. Hugs and Kisses from Alyssa.

6. Getting invited out for dinner.... love not having to cook or wash dishes!

7. Going to the movies with the husband... (we finally found a great babysitter!!!! Besides the awesome family ones!!!)

8. Texting, Blogging, and Facebook!!!

9. When my house is clean and I'm not the one who cleaned it.... a rare happening.

10. Hanging out with my friends.

And now I will pass along this award to bloggers that make me smile......

Oh My God! That took forever!!!!! I was going to write more but I have got to go to Costco.

It'll have to wait till tomorrow I guess......