Monday, January 18, 2010

My Rock Star & My Funny Guy

My daughter is a rock star.

Not a literal rock star.
But you know, she's just amazing.

She scored 17 of 22 points at her basketball game yesterday!!!! Go Emily!!!!
So So So proud of her!!!! They won 22 to 19!

Of course, I missed this awesome game because I was half paralyzed and icing down after running 12 miles!!!!! I'm pretty proud of myself too! As I'm sure all of you facebook friends of mine know by now.

I have tremendous respect for half marathon runners, and am in awe of full marathon runners. It takes so much time and commitment and strength to run all these miles! The way you have to push through the pain in your legs and just keep going..... You have to eat well and take care of your body and keep up with the training schedules, even if you'd rather be doing other things.... like making time for shopping, and pedicures, and hair appointments. Especially when you only have till noon to do it all.

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I got my hair blown. Speaking of which I had a cute little conversation with Will yesterday when I was forcing him to eat a sandwich for dinner.

Me: "Will, you have to eat, you can't just drink all the time. Your body needs food!"

Will: "You are so mean sometimes. I mean sometimes you are nice too, but you are so mean sometimes....... But don't worry, You are still pretty."

Me: "Awwwww... Thanks Will."

Will: "But like, why is your hair so swervy all the time now? I like it so much better when it is all totally straight."

Me: "I know, honey. Me too. I just don't seem to have time to get it straightened. I'll do it this week for you ok?"

Will: "Ok. And can you tell Jessica to make her hair back to normal. All down like yours is, but not so swervy. I don't like that thing in her hair that pushes it all back."

Me: "You mean her stretchy headband? Yeah, I'll tell her. Thanks Will."

hee hee. He's so cute!

The other day he came home from school, leaned back onto the couch with a sigh and said,

"I don't know who I'm going to marry."

Me: "Well you don't need to know now. You are only 5. You will meet many girls, and when you are older you will figure out which one is the one you want to marry."

Will: "But I want to know now!"

Me: "Well what kind of girl do you like?"

Will: "I don't know"

Me: "What color hair do you like?"

Will: "brown."

Me: "Do you like a girl who is girly and likes makeup?"

Will: "Yes."

Me: "Or wears nail polish..."

Will: "Hmmm.... let me see your hands."

I was not wearing nail polish.

Will: "No. No nail polish."

Me: "I like nail polish. I just don't get manicures so much because it always gets ruined from washing dishes and giving baths. I especially love to get my toes polished!"

Will: "Ummmm... I like nail polish for toes."

I was starting to notice he was describing me....

Me: "Do you like girls who are sporty and who exercise?"

Will: "I don't know."

Me: "Do you think your wife will like to run outside and on the treadmill? (I smile at him)"

Will: "Yes."

Me: "Well there are lots of girls that will be like that, and when you are older you'll find just the right one for you! And I hope you will be an awesome husband and help her and take out the garbage for her...."

Will: "But I don't know where it goes outside!!"

Me: "Tell Daddy to teach you that."

I figure we'll work on desirable character traits for his future wife next week.....


  1. good post - cant wait till the garbage is his job

  2. Soooo funny. Your convo w/ Will. Right now, my 5 yr old, Tzvi, HATES girls. So a typical convo w/ him would include bugs, Baukugan, playing war (the card game), anything w/ sports. Girls, forget about it, he likes slapping his sisters around.
    Go Emily!! Me and Dk are athletic and can play b-ball, but my girls wouldn't know what to do w/ a basketball.
    - Miss S.

  3. Also - he will have to learn to kill the spiders. So cute!

  4. Amelia is also planning who she will marry but it sounds more like a bad episode of the Bachelorette!

    She says she wants the boys in her class to come over after college and she'll marry one the next day!

  5. I saw your blog name on MckMama's blog "Not me Monday" your blog name caught my eye because I too have 4 kids and am a Starbucks junkie! Then when I looked on your page and saw the Starbucks cup laughed! I too need the caffeine to keep up! So now you have 21 followers! I only have 5 :( lol... Take care, Melissa

  6. Will is hilarious. What I wouldn't give to see him sit back with a sigh and say he doesn't know who he'll marry. Priceless. All I can say is, thank god I didn't start thinking about who I'd marry when I was that young. It would've been excruciating.