Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Hangover

I saw The Hangover last night.

Jon has been wanting me to see it for a while now. I normally do not like movies that Jon likes (such as Talladega Nights) cuz they are stupid and I find it hard to sit through stupid movies. That is unless Vince Vaughn is in it.... (4 Christmases)... not sure what it is about him.......

Anyway, I was finally willing to watch it because it won a golden globe. Speaking of golden globes...

Halle Berry looked amazing

and so did Penelope Cruz

and I don't think they were talked about enough.

I also liked Lea Michelle from Glee

and I thought Fergie looked cute.

Jennifer Garner looked nastier than usual,

Kate Hudson's dress was stuffed with so much shit on top that she looked flatter than ever!

And Tina Fey...... ew. What was she thinking?

Anyway, I have to admit that The Hangover was definitely a very funny movie (except for the tazer part... that was stupid) and I actually think that Bradley Cooper is totally hot... never thought he was till I saw his tan abs.

Before seeing movie: (Yeah, whatever..... wouldn't look twice)

After seeing his awesome abs: (woo baby! it's getting hot in here...)

This is actually not from the movie. But if you watch it, there is a scene when he wakes up in the morning wearing only pants.... and if you weren't a Bradley Cooper fan, you will be.

Just one question.... why show the nasty guy's ass so much? And in the end, in the pictures from Vegas... his everything. They couldn't show Bradley Cooper naked????? I mean come on! They did the same thing in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We want to see the hot guys or nothing at all, but definitely not the nasty ones! Especially not the ass of the old man in the ER!!!! They showed tons of super hot girls in teeny bikinis and some with less on.... I did not see one fat chick naked. (Thank god.)

SO in conclusion, Hangover producers, next time make it sexy nudity or just leave it out. I cannot get the vision of Alan out of my head. And trust me I've tried.


  1. That last picture just made me throw up in my mouth...

    They never show the hot guys naked. Such a bummer. If I want to see a hairy ass, I'll go to the zoo and look at a bear! I mean really...

    I haven't seen The Hangover yet though...need to. I'll add it to my list.

  2. Oh, Rayli...

    I saw that movie and the pictures in the credits made me crack up more than the movie itself.

    I was a Bradley Cooper fan when he was on Alias - and remember his part in NT?

    And BTW - I saw a pic of him from the upcoming "A-Team" movie, and lets just say - he keeps improving.

    Hey - if guys can oggle, so can we.

  3. Bradley Cooper only looks good from the neck down. His face? MEH. totally MEH.

    also? that nudity shot, I'm pretty sure, is a prostetic. Ken Jeong's however...totally REAL. and totally TINY and weird and I couldn't believe she had the balls (ahem) to do that!

  4. Loooooove Bradley Cooper. I remember him from NT...he played the porn actor. And I didnt think much of him at the time. Now, I think he's a total hottie. And that pic u posted of him coming out of the pool.....WHOAAA! You just made my day!!!
    And I happen to luv the Hangover, was laughing nonstop.
    - Miss S.

  5. I loved The Hangover, and I usually hate those kinds of movies. I was shocked by how much I laughed out loud through it... and I was watching it alone. :)

  6. if they showed hot guys nude then it wouldn't be funny, just porny.
    who laughs at people with AMAZING bodies? NO ONE!

    and forgetting sarah marshall is my fave movie! i love jason segel! i think he looks like aron. lol.