Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My husband thinks I'm annoying.

He hates that he can't plan anything for me without me guessing what it is first.

I can't help it if I'm super smart!

I've known him since I was 15, and tomorrow I will be 33. That's 18 years! Of course I know him and every move he'll make.

My friend invited us for dinner friday night. She is having two other families also. So yesterday I was mumbling out loud, but to myself.... "hmmm... what kind of birthday cake should I make myself this year?" Then that got me thinking, and I said, "Jon I really don't want to celebrate my birthday at Aliza's house. I'm not a kid and we don't need to celebrate it all weekend long. Let's just do something just us on thursday, my real birthday. Oh so you should probably cancel the cake order you probably made and tell Aliza that you are not bringing it over."

That really annoyed him. Because he HAD planned that.


I was gonna let him do it, and pretend to be surprised but since my birthday is tomorrow and not friday I decided to put a halt to it. I'm not really a birthday person anyway. I definitely do not need to celebrate it twice.

Some people think they have to do something special, need to get cards and phone calls. Not me. My sister called me and said she wanted to take me out to eat or something tomorrow. But truthfully, all I want to do is take the kids to school, run five miles, and shower. After school I promised Will he can go to Dunkin Donuts to celebrate my birthday and we will make his favorite rainbow cake without frosting. He was excited for that. The girls want to take me out for dinner. And Jessica wants to go shopping. As usual. For herself.

Friday, I will treat myself to a haircut and blow dry (after I run 3 miles...). I am looking forward to that.


  1. Isn't it so funny how our priorities change as we get more mature - notice I didn't say older ;) Just spending a night at home on the couch with my babies is a great birthday for me!


  2. I still like birthday presents.

  3. You've never liked ppl making a fuss over ur birthday.....whats wrong with you?? All my mother did when we were little, was make a fuss over our b-days. So, now I will NOT accept anything less!! For my 34th, The Black Eyed Peas are serenading me.
    - Miss S.