Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's My Birthday And I'll Run If I Want To.....

As I sit here dripping sweat from every single inch of my body (I'm waiting for the shower to warm up) I am thrilled with my decision to not go out for breakfast with my sisters and mother this morning. I am 650 calories in the negative for the day. Is there any better way to start off the morning of your birthday???

I woke up this morning exhausted because Will couldn't sleep last night, and therefore neither could I. I had a migraine and felt awful. Poor Emily really wanted me to be excited about my birthday but I just couldn't.

Now, a latte and 5 miles later I am happy as can be. Emily really wants it to be a festive bday so I might have to go out and buy myself balloons or something. It's kind of weird how when you are a mom you not only have to make your kids' birthdays fun for them, but you have to make your own birthday fun for them too. Their favorite was the year I made myself a candy land birthday cake and they were able to play the game on the cake.

This year we will go out for dinner and maybe my mom and Jon's mom will join us. Maybe my sister if she wants to. I will buy myself balloons and donuts for the kids (because you have to give out donuts on your birthday it's a rule, at least at my kids' school). I don't really want to eat anything fattening so I am gonna be annoying (well to them at least) but Will really wants to make rainbow cake, so that's what we are going to do.

Truthfully, the workout, shower, and hair appointment for tomorrow is all I really need....

Well there are other things... I mean I am a girl... but you know, I mean like I don't need them today.



  1. You better eat some cake. That is the one great thing about the fact that your birthday comes before another 10 mile and 13.1 miles of running. JUST EAT SOME CAKE!!!

  2. about those other things.............

  3. Your house sounds a lot more fun then my house. If nobody buys me balloons and cake for my birthday I just don't have any and my kids will just have to suffer.

    Happy Birthday Hon!!!! ANd it's ok if you DO have a little piece of cake/donuts. It's healthy to cheat in moderation every once in awhile. Otherwise you'll go nuts and eat the whole cake one day!

  4. Happy Birthday Girl! I think running gives you energy and gets you in a better mood. You would think the opposite would happen!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great birthday.