Thursday, December 3, 2009


I hate snow. I actually don't hate the actual snow. When it is falling it is kind of pretty. I hate the cold, wet, slushy, messy, dirty, millions of layers of clothes that go with the snow. If the snow would fall and not stick, I'd be ok with that too. But once it's on the ground and someone steps in it.... it goes from pretty to gross. I actually love to shovel snow though. But the worst is when people come over, or your kids come home from school and kick off their boots, and little bits of icy slush gets on the floor, but you don't see it till you step on it, and your sock gets all wet. Or if you are short like me and your jeans get all wet so you have to change the second you get in the house.

Winter just totally sucks, and I've been in denial about it coming. The brutal wind, freezing weather. I am that depressed winter person. I stay home a lot. I will usually be wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants (or leggings). There is nothing good about being cold.

But, I guess I will have plenty of time to blog! And actually read my friends' blogs which I have fallen behind on. Or a good book, now that I have so many suggestions. Thanks, by the way.

Ugggggggghhhhhh. Why does it have to be snowing????? I really hate being a home body. And I really got used to running outside. I'm gonna miss that. And the trainer said that the treadmill doesn't work your glutes like running outside does. I want to work my glutes, damn it! Anyway, enough depressing winter talk.

So I have to talk about some tv shows I watch. Shosh, I know you hate when I talk about tv, but I don't care. :)

First of all, on The Hills why are Heidi and Spencer married? They HATE each other. And why is she trying to sneak a baby into the picture when he doesn't want one? Oh and for those of you who watch, doesn't Justin remind you of Dylan from 90210 when we were younger? Next, on The City, Whitney's friend Roxy is ridiculous and is ruining her career and totally did not stand on her side with the Bergdorf showing. NOT a good friend. Get rid of her. She is too much of a party girl for her anyway.

Moving on to Nip Tuck. Christian, the most vain, obnoxious, but sexy, guy in the world having sex with a 300 pounder. Gross and so not buying it. And a little too much nudity as far as she is concerned. I felt the vomit creep up into my throat. And the whole Barbie and Ken thing.... weird and stupid.

That's all I watched last night. I will stop boring you now.

On a happier note, I did cookie art with my kids last night.

It was really fun! Just make sugar cookies as you normally would and then divide icing into separate bowls and add food coloring to each. I let them paint with paintbrushes (we only use these ones for food). The colors are so bright and pretty... too bad I have to use my camera phone cuz I don't have a real only takes good pictures outside :(

The icing recipe is:

1 cup confectioners sugar
1 egg white
3-4 drops lemon juice
food coloring

I never measure. But you want it kinda thicker, not so runny or else the cookies will get soggy. Play with it.

*If you don't want to use the egg white you can probably use a little water. You can add a drop of vanilla if you want to. I don't though.

Happy Birthday to my Sister-In-Law!


  1. WHAT???? You are not going to run OUTSIDE in the cold? You have to. If I will, you better. Just think of the Glutes.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate you (probably) coming out on this cold and dreary night!

  3. i'll be sending my kids over on Sunday to make cookie art, k? thanks.

  4. OK, the cookie art idea is super cute. Too bad I can't stand baking! Also, I HATE winter. I miss the sun already.

  5. Sorry, the post above is from me!

  6. I agree... winter stinks! I am ready for spring!!

  7. I am quite a fan of winter...only because I like winter sports (strap yourself on a plank of wood and go down a hill - it is fun, I promise!). One question, though, do you deliver?? The cookies look delicious!!


  8. thanks for the recipe! we're going to make them now!