Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wife Of The Year?

I think I might be up for the Wife Of The Year Award! Jon was out monday night 7:15- 9:45 (doesn't really count only kinda because he was at conferences instead of me), went to a Blackhawk's game tuesday night from 5:30 -10:50 (!!!!!), going out to a Bull's game tonight, and is going out of town this sunday till tuesday. Come on, wife of the year award? I think so!!!!!

Oh, and not to be braggy but last night, homework was done by 6. We ate dinner together, got little kids bathed and big girls showered, little ones were asleep by 7:56, and by 8 I had thrown in a load of laundry, gotten into pjs, and sat down to watch my favorite show with my favorite girls....

Biggest Loser was soooo motivating last night. I was actually crying!!!! Watching them run that marathon was so emotional and moving. I know that I am going to be so excited when I finish the half marathon! My friend called me and told me that she totally wants to run a full marathon now (she ran a half last year). I told her that if I could run the entire 13 miles, I'd train for the full with her for next year's.

Blah , blah, blah, marathon, marathon, marathon.... I'll stop now.

Did you ever see a movie that you read the book of, and felt like you had actually seen it before. I watched Angels and Demons the other night and could have sworn I had seen it before. Jon said there is no way I have because it just came out on dvd and we didn't see it in the theater. Crazy that the book is so descriptive and has such good imagery that I felt like I had seen it before!

Which brings me to the sad truth that I can't remember the last time I read a book. I read a few pages here and there but never seem to have time to read a whole one! Does anyone have any suggestions? I need the kind that you can't put down, that you stay up all night to read.... like the Time Traveler's Wife. Loved that one. Or A Child Called It. Or those Jodi Picoult goodies.
My brain needs some stimulation, hasn't been used in a while.


  1. Sarahs Key
    Rashis Daughters
    The Kite runner
    1000 splendid suns
    memory keepers daughter
    Enjoy!!! ES

  2. Kudos to you for staying home AND getting a ton accomplished...the babe is still only 4 months old so we aren't quite on a schedule yet...which is hard for me, being a meeting planner. Oh well!!

    Happy Hump Day from your newest follower!!

    ~Working Mommy

  3. um. I win. my husband is out of town two weeks of every month. heh.

    also? I have TONS of book recommendations. tons.
    Two books that I absolutely could not put down:
    I am the Messenger
    THe History of Love

    both amazing books.

  4. UR not trying to guess who I am........Yeah U R !December 2, 2009 at 6:02 PM

    The Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva

  5. book? what's a book?

    my prob is, anytime i get a book (any book, good, bad, cheesy, etc) i stay up ALL NIGHT reading it. i don't know how to put them down. unless they're just really really awful.
    so being up til 3am and then waking up at 6 with the kids=bad, bad, bad. that's why i like magazines so much.