Monday, December 7, 2009

Under The Weather

I went for a run sunday morning. Six miles. In the cold. I felt great! I walked into my house and suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe. I walked back outside and felt fine. I walked back into my house and again felt like the air was too thick to breathe. I walked back outside and felt fine again. I sat on my front steps freezing my ass off (if only) on the cement and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. Alyssa kept begging me to come in, so I went back into the house. Again, couldn't breathe. I opened a window and sucked in that cold fresh air as best as I could. Slowly I started to feel better and was able to breathe again.

A couple hours later though my throat and chest and ears were not feeling so great. My head was aching too. Jon was going out of town and left for the airport around 1:30. We ran around doing things as I started to feel sicker and sicker. We went to my parents house for dinner (thank god, because it was then that I realized that none of us ate lunch...). We left their house at 8 and I decided that the younger 2 had to go straight to bed when we got home. Well, while getting Alyssa to sleep, my throat became intolerable. I left the room crying my eyes out. I told Emily and Jessica that I was sorry but they had to go straight to bed because I was too sick and needed to go to bed too. Emily was a little scared and sobbing (I think). I cried almost the whole night, because every single swallow was torturous. I took an amoxicillin pill, I tried spitting in a cup (I know gross, sorry), it was just awful.

The saddest part of all was that I was sooooo looking forward to having my bed all to myself. To having a silent room to sleep in without hearing Jon snoring all night. Anyway, I woke up in the morning to the sound of a text message on my cell phone. I assumed it was Jon because I heard the phone ringing all night but didn't get up to answer it, but it was my brother in law. He went away with Jon and was sharing a hotel room with him in Atlantic City before their friend's wedding today. This was the text message... I almost fell on the floor laughing:

"WHAT THE F*CK!?!?!?!?!? How can u sleep with all that goddam noise?? I slept about 30 mins last nite with Jon buzzing away. I was gonna kill myself."

To which I responded:

"Hahaha I know! I never sleep at night."

We texted back and forth a little. It was so hilarious!

Well I have one more night to try to get a good night's sleep in my bed before he comes home. I am feeling somewhat better now. I just hope it doesn't get bad again tonight.

And I hope my brother in law gets his own room tonight too.

On a lighter note, I want you all to know that Alyssa has been talking at school!!!!! We are so proud of her!

And, I have raised $2,006.99 of the money I committed to raise for the ChaiLifeline/Miami Marathon!!!! Only $1,593.01 to go! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me!!!!!!!

Lastly, we picked up the pottery we painted last week, and our plates came out great!


  1. Are you feeling better?! That sounds terrible.

  2. Oh, it's fun to have others experience our misery! That had me cracking up!!!

  3. That was bad,you shouldn't take antibiotics unless you have a bacterial infection. 90% of sore throats are viral.

  4. Shanna..... my dad is a doctor and although he did not diagnose it 100%, he said that my throat was very red and I should take the medicine. Sorry, I don't always include the whole story I guess....