Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wasting Time?

Some people think that facebook is a waste of time. I say not. Last night I commented on the fact that I do not touch garbage cans and would have to leave mine on the curb an extra day till the husband got back from his trip. Within an hour, a friend took 'em back to the side of the house.

Waste of time? I think not.

Twice my husband has written that he would love to go to a blackhawks game if anyone wanted to take him as his facebook status. Both of those times, he got asked and went.

Waste of time? I think not.

Now if you call making fun (in the facebook comments) of the friend that took your garbage cans back to the side of the house for you a waste of time. I say NOT again. There were a few of us that got some pretty good laughs out of that!

Facebook, I love you.

Josh, so nice of you! Hope you'll help me out again sometime even if you'll be living a little further. Great House! Congrats!


  1. I love me some FB too!! I have come up with some of my best (future) blog posts yet thanks to the FB status of numerous (nameless) friends!!


  2. You think now that Josh is moving to my hood, he can bring my garbage cans back to the side of my house. Garbage collection day is Wednesday and on Fridays my cans r still sitting out there. Thanks DK, not!
    - MIss S.

  3. who says that facebook is a waste of time? Only crazy, stupid people, obviously. In my opinion, facebook is the best invention since central air and flavored coffee creamer.

    And really, without facebook, how would i ever find babysitters?

  4. I don't waste time on facebook... I loose track of time because of facebook. Thus I loose sleep because of facebook. Darn facebook! But I love it!!