Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad Stores Good Stores

Ummmm..... when did Macy's become the worst store in the whole entire world? I hadn't been there in a while and I was complaining to my Mom about needing boots and wanting a new handbag, and she said, "Macy's is having such huge sales and so many coupons... why don't you go there?"

So I did. And I wasted my whole morning because there is nothing to buy in that store. It is full... they have about a million coats, a few thousand pairs of shoes and a billion handbags BUT they are all so ugly!!!!! Seriously I think they might have to GIVE it all away, because no one is gonna buy it! Sorry if I sound like a snob, but Macy's better step it up before they go under.

In other news I once again was very impressed with Zappos, the best online shoe place ever! This is the year of trying to save for us, I stress the trying, and I decided that my girls will have to wear EMUs this year instead of UGGS. I actually bought Jessica a pair of UGGs but when the receipt said $154. I decided that it just wasn't worth it. After all I would still have to buy a pair for Emily too. So I returned them, but not right away because that would be way too embarrassing (Nordstrom). Anyway, I ordered their EMUs tuesday night, and of course they were at my door wednesday afternoon. So now they have a dressy pair of boots (Michael Kors... also zappos thanksgiving weekend) and an everyday pair all for twenty dollars less than the one pair of UGGs. Of course, my fellow snobby daughter Jessica is not thrilled with her chestnut EMUs (even though they look exactly like the UGGs). Emily on the other hand, loves her black ones!

Anyway, I am so upset because the outlets in my basement sparked and I havn't been able to use my treadmill. I called a friend (Orah) today to see if she wanted to have a "playdate" with our kids while I use her treadmill. Hee Hee. Pretty sneaky huh? Well she has her babysitter today so it was a no, but she is apparently way smarter than me cause she had this great idea to use an extension cord and a different outlet! Brilliant! I was about to join Bally's (I'm really good at saving money...come on, only $99 for the whole year!!! So what if it smells like a gym sock?!?! Actually pretty turned off because of that.) just to use theirs! Of course I am still looking for my extension cord, and will hopefully be running soon!

P.S. I just looked up the Michael Kors boots I bought the girls and they were on sale so I called Zappos and they just reimbursed me the difference!!! I love Zappos!!!


  1. First - I did not say No. You could have come over but Will and Allyssa would have had to play with me. You would have thought of the extension cord eventually yourself (glad u dont have to subject yourself to the smell of 5 day old arm pit). And third - I FRIGGIN' love Zappos. I once accidentally sent them my sons pajamas in a return box and they shipped the pajamas right back to me at their expense. They are awesome.

  2. I got my daughter Chestnut EMUs this year for Christmas... ONLY... I had to give them to her early because the ones she had were looking HORRID and NASTY and well I was embarrassed by them! LOL

  3. Gotta love Zappos.
    Regarding women and their boots: read my post from last year :D

  4. Macy's is terrible! I can't find anything there, ever. I'm glad this is out in the open now. I miss Marshall Field's. It was much better.